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4 Pitbulls Are To Be Put Down After Fatal Attack On Horses In Washington

Bill Hanley is the owner of two horses who were attacked by four Pitbulls. His horses Pineaway and Blossom were mother and daughter.

The attack took place on Wednesday 5th December 2018.

Despite witnessing the four Pitbulls attacking his two beloved horses Bill Hanley still decided not to shoot.

"I didn't wanna shoot ‘em. I’m an animal lover," said Hanley.

Hanely heard something going on in his yard on Track Road in Cowiche and quickly ran outside to check what was happening.

Hanley came face to face with four Pitbulls attacking Pineaway and her 18-year-old daughter Blossom.

"There were four
pitbulls up on top of her and I ran them off, went back to the house and got a gun, went back with a gun, and they were back on her, eating on her again, and she was still alive," said Haney.

Hanley managed to scare the dogs off but Pineaway’s condition didn’t look good.

"Both front feet were broke off and her throat was just about gone, and lacerations, most the hide off her leg, and they really did a job on her and did it quick," he said.

Blossom managed to get away with a few gashes on her muzzle but her mum was sadly euthanized by the vets to put her out of pain and misery.

"She kept bawlin' and scrawlin' for her mom, and her mom’s laying down there dying, and still talking to her daughter. It was very sad, and a very bloody, gory mess," he said.

Hanely said that this isn't the first time that these particular Pitbulls have attacked his horses, however, the Yakima County Sheriff’s say this is the first time they've been called to this area for this reason.

Deputies confirm that the dogs are linked to the attack as evidence of blood on the pit bulls faces and paws still remain.

The dog owners have been cooperative and in this case, will be fined $500 for each dog and face up to 90 days of jail time, but they are not forced to euthanize their dogs, however, have made the decision to euthanize the dogs to prevent this from happening again.