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19 Year Old Kicked By Horse At UW Veterinary School

A teenager was rushed to hospital on Wednesday afternoon after being injured by a horse.

The teenager was taken to hospital after they were kicked by a horse in Downtown Madison.

The Madison Fire Department was called to the scene at around 3:33 pm at the UW Veterinary School located in the 2000 block of Linden Drive after it was reported that a 19-year-old had been injured by a horse.

A horse had kicked out whilst the teen was bending over close to the rear or the horse. The horse’s kick struck the teen in the head causing injury that needed treating.

According to the report, the 19-year-old did not lose consciousness, but felt dizzy and started seeing stars after the incident took place.

Luckily the teen wasn't too severely injured and was escorted by paramedics to the ambulance whilst being treated for a wound that was a result of the impact from the horse’s kick. The patient was then transported to the emergency room.

Here are five tips to help you avoid being kicked by a horse:

1. Let your horse eat in peace, some horses can become overly excited which can sometimes cause them to kick out.

2. Know your horse’s body language. If your horse is unhappy they will often try to show you this by pinning their ears back, swishing their tail and shifting their weight. If you see this keep well clear of your horse as they may kick out.

3. Familiarise your horse with being handled by you, this way your horse can be sure you aren’t going to hurt them

4. Stay close to your horse and always keep contact when providing care for your horse, this way they will know exactly where you are and they won't be spooked unexpectedly.

5. Be aware around groups of horses, they often kick each other to show frustration or dominance, never walk between two tied horses.