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What Are The Different Types Of Numnah And Saddle Pads

Hi, I'm Abby from the Tallan School of equitation and I'm going to show you a couple of different types of numnahs and saddle pads.

Okay. First of all, here, we have quite a basic commonly used saddle cloth. It's quite nicely padded.

This is for general use, with the cut of it, It's quite long this way so you could use it for either dressage or jumping. It's nice and comfortable against the horse. When fitting the thing you need to remember is when you put it on and you've got the saddle on top, you need to gently pull it up here either way so that it's not putting any pressure on the spine.

Here we have a dressage cut saddle pad. As you can see there's a difference in length here. This is a lot longer for the dressage saddle and it will just provide a little bit more room here.

Then this is where your girth will go up through and attach and then this will attach in up at the top. So these, as I say, most commonly used for dressage, again, not as padded as the other one, but this is slightly padded.

This is also dressage cut, but this is a shaped numnah as you can see. It's the shape of the saddle. But again, we've got the length here so that it will nicely cover the area where the dressage saddle will sit.

Here we've got a front Riser. You can get many different types of risers. You can get front risers and rear risers. They are all made of This quite nice material that's good for absorbing pressure and shock absorbing. It's nice and comfortable against the horses back. This, as I say, is a front Riser and as you can see, there's extra padding here at the front. That's if you have a saddle that's it's particularly low on the horses Withers. This will just keep it sitting up slightly more and prevent it from pinching at the wither's or pinching at the shoulders.