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Types of Horse Rugs on Horsemart

Horse rugs are essentially blankets for your horses designed for warmth and protection of insects, flies and also wind.
Turnout Rugs -
Turnout rugs are made to keep your horse clean and dry whilst they are out in the field, they are also designed to keep your horse warm in the winter. 
Turnout Rugs also have a waterproof outer layer that is made out of synthetic material. Most newer and modern horse rugs are made out of ‘ripstop’ which means the material shouldn’t rip or tear. 
All turnout rugs are available in many different thicknesses, it’s measured by the grams of their filling that give your horses different amounts of warmth.
A lightweight winter turnout rugs would usually have up to 150 grams of filling, medium weight turnout rugs would have 150 - 300 grams and heavyweight turnout rugs have more than 300 grams of filling. 
Stable Rugs -  
Stable rugs are designed to keep your horse warm whilst in the stable, they aren't waterproof as they aren’t for outside use. Stable rugs are usually made from a padded synthetic material.
Again these come in various thicknesses giving your horse varying amounts of warmth. 
Fleece Rugs - 
Fleece rugs are rugs that can be used as a light stable rug, a travel rug or as an under-rug for extra warmth. 
They are breathable but warm and are made from fleece. 
Summer Sheets - 
A summer rug is also known as fly rugs. They are lightweight fine mesh rugs that offer a shield from biting flies and insects. They have no filling and are used in the summer both in and out of the stable.