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Are you raring to get out and start competing in 2021? Looking for a new jump saddle but not sure where to start? In this article we will discuss what makes a jump saddle a jump saddle, where to get a jump saddle from, and the top 10 jump saddles of 2021!

What defines a jump saddle?

Jump saddles are more forward cut than GP saddles. They have flatter seats and usually have good sized knee and thigh blocks to support the rider over the fence. Jump saddles can be monoflap or dual flap. Often eventers will opt for monoflap saddles, and show jumpers will opt for dual flap. What is right for you and your horse will depend on your preferences, what fits best, and what you feel most comfortable in.

Where can you get a jump saddle?

You should work with your local qualified saddle fitter to find a suitable jump saddle for both you and your horse. Your fitter should have a good selection available for you to try. You can find your local saddle fitter here.

If your fitter does not have anything suitable for you or anything within your budget try The Saddle Bank. The Saddle Bank offer 5 day UK trials with the saddle of your choice shipped straight to your door. You can then ask your local fitter to come out to assess the fit and make any necessary alterations for you.


The Top 10 Jump Saddles of 2021


Albion K2 Jump Saddle

The Albion K2 Jump saddle is a firm favourite of ours at The Saddle Bank. It has fixed knee and thigh blocks and provides fantastic support for riders who need a bit of support over fences, or for riders on fresh horses. It has a semi deep seat which riders love and find very comfortable. The K2 is built on the Albion Adjusta tree which means it can be altered up or down 2 sizes by Albion or an Albion qualified fitter. It has drop panels which work really well on horses with some withers or atrophy and can help lift that saddle up and off the horses withers. It comes in sizes 16.5 up to 18 inch, and can be ordered in Narrow to XXW. You can often find the Albion K2 Jump saddle available second hand in Medium, Medium wide or Wide.

The price of a K2 jump saddle new is £1860. If looking for one second hand, you should be able to get one of the Adjusta models for around £900 - £1400, depending on the age/condition etc.

Browse second hand Albion Jump Saddles here.


Black Country Wexford

The Black Country Wexford is the perfect jump saddle for those who like to do a bit of everyday riding, hacking, jumping and hunting. It provides an ‘Arm-Chair’ ride as Black Country are well known for being super comfortable saddles to ride in.

Black Country saddles are built on traditional wooden trees, and they have wool flocked panels. This allows your fitter to make minor adjustments to the fit by adding more flocking. The seat on the Wexford is deeper than some other jump saddles which makes it more comfortable. It has fixed knee and thigh blocks for rider support and is the perfect saddle for anyone looking for a GP/ Jump or a slightly more forward cut GP.

The price of the Wexford is £1930 new. If looking for a second hand version, you can find them for around £700 - £1100, depending on the age and condition.

Browse second hand Black Country Saddles here.


Fairfax Andrew Hoy

The Fairfax Andrew Hoy is a firm favourite for event riders; a highly desirable premium brand with an adjustable gullet, making altering the width really easy.

The Andrew Hoy also has performance panels to allow the horse greater freedom of movement. This is a monoflap saddle, providing the rider with a really close contact feel, and is fairly flat through the seat. It has external knee and thigh blocks for rider support, and variable girthing options which means that the saddle can be stabilised for the optimum fit for the horse.

It is adjustable from Narrow Medium up to XW-XXW and is available in a 17 or 17.5 inch seat.

The price of the Andrew Hoy is £2600 new. You can generally find them second hand for around £1800 - £2200, depending on the age and condition.

They tend to hold their value well as they are very popular saddles and there are not many of them available in the second hand market.

Browse second hand Fairfax Jump Saddles for sale here.


Kent and Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

The Kent and Masters S-Series Jump saddle is well loved by many riders. It has an adjustable gullet and takes the same bars as the Fairfax saddles. It has swept back points on the tree to free up the horse's shoulders. The S-Series jump has Velcro knee and thigh blocks, which some riders love as they can position the blocks to suit them. The ghosted stitching on the knee rolls moulds around the knee blocks. It has wool flocked panels, which allows for your fitter to make minor adjustments, and has variable girthing options to stabilise the saddle for the perfect fit.

The S-Series jump is priced at £975 new, making it a really affordable option. Second hand you can find them for as little as £500 - £750.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the Kent and Masters S-Series jump saddle, you could look at the Thorowgood T8 Jump saddle which is a part synthetic version of the same saddle, priced at just £625.

Browse second hand Kent and Masters Saddles here.


Devoucoux Chiberta

Devoucoux is a high end French brand of saddle which is popular amongst many event riders. It is made from European leather which is super soft. It provides riders a really close contact feel while still providing support through the external knee and thigh blocks. Devoucoux saddles are made with foam panels which means adjustments cannot be made to the saddle panels. However, you can use adjustment pads should you need to.

Being a high-end saddle, Devoucoux Chiberta’s are priced from £4350 new. However, you can get them second hand for between £1650 and £2500, depending on the age and condition.

Browse second hand Devoucoux saddles here.


Bates Advanta

Bates are a really popular brand worldwide and the Bates Advanta, which launched in 2018, has been a big hit with many riders. The Advanta is an adjustable gullet, premium saddle which offers the rider a close contact feel with the horse as it is a monoflap saddle. It has lovely soft leather, which helps the rider to grip, and has forward cut flaps featuring external knee and thigh blocks. The blocks on the Advanta are known as FlexiContourbloc technology, as the angle of the block can be positioned to suit the rider.

Bates saddles feature CAIR cushion panels rather than wool flock, and minor adjustments to the fit can be made by adding the Bates Easy Change Riser Shims to the saddle.

The Bates Advanta is priced at £2699 new. You can get them second hand for around £1800 - £2100. They hold their price fairly well as, being a newer model, there are less of them available on the second hand market

Browse Bates saddles here.


Equipe Expression Special

Equipe are an Italian saddle brand offering ultra lightweight, minimalist saddles. The Expression Special is a close contact saddle, available in mono or dual flap, made from luxurious calf skin leather. This butter soft leather provides some grip for the rider. It has a flat seat and minimal knee blocks.

Equipe saddles have foam panels, so minor adjustments cannot be made as they can with wool flocked saddles. They are available in 16.5 up to 18 inch in Medium, Medium Wide, and Wide.

The price of this saddle new is from £2350, and second hand you can find them from £1400 - £1800, depending on the age.

Browse second hand Equipe saddles here.


Cavaletti Monoflap Jump Saddle

Cavaletti saddles are affordable, adjustable gullet saddles and are becoming really popular in the market.

The Cavaletti Monoflap jump saddle is perfect for jumping, eventing and hunting. It is made from a soft covered leather which provides the rider good grip. It has wool flocked panels and external knee and thigh blocks.

Riders love its forward cut flaps and fairly flat seat, which helps maintain stability whilst jumping.

Being an adjustable gullet saddle means it is really easy to alter the width from Narrow Medium up to XXW in a matter of minutes.

The price of the Cavaletti Mono Jump saddle is £920 new. There are not many of them available second hand, however, prices of second hand models tend to be around £500 - £700.

Browse Cavaletti saddles here.


Albion K3 Jump Saddle

The Albion K3 Jump is a newer jump saddle to the market, but one which is becoming a firm favourite amongst many riders.

It is modelled on the K2 jump, but is a Monoflap, which provides a closer contact feel for the rider. It has external blocks for the rider's support and is customisable with glitzy elements on the blocks and cantle.

The K3 is a little pricier than the K2 at £2300 new, but still a very fair price for one of the top brands of saddle in the UK. Second hand, you should expect to pick one up for around £1800. However, they are so new to the market that there are not many in circulation at the moment.

Browse second hand Albion Jump Saddles here.


Wintec 500 Jump Saddle

Finally, we are looking at the Wintec 500 Jump saddle. This is the perfect saddle for beginners, new horse owners, or those on a budget.

Made from a lightweight synthetic material, this saddle is easy to clean and maintain. It features an adjustable gullet and it's really easy to alter the width from Narrow to XW in just a few minutes.

As with all Bates and Wintec saddles, it features the CAIR cushion panels. Minor adjustments to the fit can be made by adding the Wintec Easy Change Riser Shims to the saddle.

This saddle is priced at just £599 new, which makes it incredibly affordable. Second hand you can find them for around £250 - £300.

Browse Wintec Saddles here.


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