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Hi, I’m Ken Lyndon-Dykes from Saddleworld and today we are going to talk about dressage saddles.

Generally speaking, dressage saddles look like this. Sometimes they have skin on the seat and front other times they have soft hide, or not, it really doesn't matter.

The thing about a dressage saddle that’s so important is that it’s very straight cut and allows the leg to come a long way back, doesn’t interfere with the horse's shoulder and often they have bars which are lengthened so the rider can bring their leg further back.

Now, just because you don’t do dressage, it does not mean you shouldn’t have a dressage saddle. When I was eventing I used to do all of my work in a dressage saddle, accept the jumping because it did help me sit in a nice position and hold my leg in the right position. If I was sitting on a jumping saddle or an all-purpose saddle I did tent to put my leg too far forward, which many riders do.

So if you are just hacking then do consider dressage saddles. This particular one had got detachable rolls which will help suit your position. You’ll also notice with this one that the bar is quite a long way back and is a slide bar as opposed to having a latch at the back.

This particular saddle has got an elongated bar, the bar is further back as we spoke earlier to bring your leg back. Most dressage saddles now do tend to have a large knee roll, not all but most because people quite like to have their leg placed back for them, partially if they don't ride dressage all the time.

Dressage is a very particular feel and you will choose your saddle depending upon your shape, the shape of the horse and the level you’re going to be riding at. But just because you’re not actually doing dressage competitions it doesn't mean to say you can't have a dressage saddle because it will help improve your normal riding flat work hacking.

Brogan - Horsemart
Horsemart Content Team
Published on 13-05-2019
Brogan is a member of the Horsemart content team, bringing you all the latest news and providing helpful guides and advice.