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How To Clean Your Rug - The Expert Guide By Equine Superstore

Horse rugs are a pricey essential and throughout the year, it’s necessary to have so many different types on hand to keep your horse comfortable. You're investing a lot into these products and you need them to last! To ensure your rugs last the test of time and remain in prime condition it’s essential to have care procedures in place!


For a quick and brief cleaning guide:


- Hang your rug up and use a hard brush to remove any dirt. Do the same with the rug turned inside out.


- Make sure you’ve removed unwashable items like straps or zips.


- Soak your rug in a large container, filled with water and a soap that doesn’t include a detergent.


- After soaking, lay the rug out and scrub out any existing marks with your brush.


- Leave your rug to dry, hanging it well away from touching the floor.





Cleaning your horse’s rugs is a necessity and a key factor in ensuring their durability. But what steps should you be taking to clean them effectively? Equine Superstore has compiled a guide laying out how best to keep your rugs in tip-top condition.


Professional Cleaning

If cleaning isn't your forte, there are plenty of professional cleaners ready and waiting to keep your rugs sparkly and new. They have a great amount of knowledge and expertise and can, therefore, give your rug the exact cleaning and treatment that it requires. They're particularly useful when needing to clean a larger rug as this can sometimes be a struggle to do alone. Another bonus is that a professional cleaner will often carry out minor repair work for you such as fixing tears or reproofing.


DIY rug cleaning image


Do It Yourself!

Don’t want to pay a cleaning fee? It’s easy enough to clean a horse rug yourself - some smaller, lightweight rugs are even machine washable! Although do ensure that you read the washing instructions to avoid damage. We suggest that larger rugs that won’t fit in your washing machine are washed by hand.


Simply follow these steps:


1. Hang the rug on a washing line or over a fence so that you can reach all parts of it. Using a hard bristled brush, brush away all of the excess dirt, grass and dust. You should then turn the rug inside out and repeat this process on the inside material to remove sweat and hair.


2. Remove all of the removable elements of the rug such as the straps.


3. Fill a large container, such as a bin or tub with hot water, non-bio soap and non-detergent soap. Ensure not to use a soap with detergent in it as this will harden the proofing layer of your rug and cause it to peel off. Place the entire rug into the container and use a clean broom to mix it into the water and beat it. Leave it to soak.


4. Once it has soaked, remove it from the bin and lay it on a clean floor. Once it’s flat, scrub it with a hard bristled brush or broom to remove some of the tougher stains.


5. Hang the rug on a washing line or over a fence to allow it to dry. Hang it high enough so it’s not touching the floor or anything around it that may make it dirty again.


6. Place all of the removable elements of your rug into a wash bag or pillowcase. These can then be washed in the washing machine with detergent added to kill off bacteria and reduce odours.


7. Ensure your rug is completely dry before you take it off its hanger to make sure it doesn’t develop odour or mould in storage.

We suggest...

There's a huge range of cleaning products available to assist you in cleaning your rug. These are our top picks:


Rambo Stormsure

Rambo Stormsure allows you to fix and maintain horse rugs yourself. It contains and waterproofs any cuts and holes that may appear on your rug. This product will aid you in preserving the life of your rugs for a long time as you can fix minor damage without a huge cost!


Rambo Rug Wash

This easy to use, vegetable-based cleaner can be used for all animal rugs, so clean your dog rugs at the same time! It’s the safest way to completely clean and revitalise the insulation. While it also maintains the waterproofing capabilities and breathability. The Rambo Rug Wash is specially formulated to suit rugs constructed of synthetics, canvas, cotton, polyester, poly cotton, acrylic or denim.


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