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How To Check Your Riding Helmet Fits Correctly

Making sure that your riding helmet fits correctly is so important as it will protect your head if you were to have an accident whilst on your horse.

First, place your helmet on your head so that the front sits just above the eyebrow line. Ideally, you should feel that the top of your helmet is touching the top of your head.

To make sure you have a good fit, take your hands and place them on either side of your helmet and gently lift up. You should feel that the helmet doesn't want to come off and should move the eyebrows up and down with the helmet.

You should also make sure that you have a small gap around the temple area. If you don’t, you will develop headaches or discomfort a short time into riding.  

Once you have checked that those things fit correctly, you can continue to fasten the clip under your chin. Leave the strap loose, to begin with, and use the back adjuster first before tightening the adjuster under the chin.

To make sure that the back adjuster is in the correct place, check that the two parts of the harness meet on or just below the ear lobe. Once that is done you can then tighten the strap under your chin.

When tightening the strap under the chin make sure its comfortable, which usually means one fingers width should fit between the strap and your chin. This will keep your helmet safely on your head during any accidents.  

The last thing to do is to remove your helmet and on the straps, you should find small rubber grommets which you need to slide up underneath the fastening buckle to stop the buckles slipping and coming loose

Watch the Horsemart video here to see each step.


Horsemart are not qualified to advise on hat fittings and recommend this check to be purely for clarity after getting your helmet fitted professionally.