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Soaring electricity prices and recent storms in the UK have highlighted issues for many business premises', and the same is certainly the case with equestrian establishments such as riding schools and livery yards.  Unfortunately, the seemingly never-ending price rises for energy bills in the UK is causing large increases in running costs for the owners of equestrian establishments who rely on electricity, mainly in the form of lighting, for their premises, security and clients use, and are costs that they must inevitably and regretfully pass on to their clients.
As well as the price increases, the trio of recent storms hitting the UK cut electricity for many premises meaning that they were left without power and lighting, some for a considerable amount of time making care and exercise of the equines difficult, and in some cases putting a complete stop to business activity until it was restored. Even more so, many business owners are worried about how the increasing costs will impact their own running costs and the costs they need to pass on to clients in the future. So, if this all sounds familiar it’s time to look for a better solution! 

Renewable energy has been growing in popularity for many years and is now becoming increasingly used at business premises, and there is no reason why equestrian premises should be any different. The ability to install lighting that is not reliant on the national grid for its power –or cost-can be only beneficial. It can also be the ideal solution for equestrian premises that are situated beyond the national grid and rely on noisy and now even more costly generators for their power supply. 
Solar power lighting is a popular choice. Many of these modules are portable too, meaning that even if you retained for an emergency in the event of power cuts, you’d be assured continuous lighting wherever necessary on your yard, should your main power feed cut out. Even replacing only a small amount of your lighting for solar-powered options, such as security lights or individual stable lighting will help reduce running costs.

In addition, an ongoing issue faced by livery yard owners is that many clients appear to think electricity is free and will happily leave lights on, or simply use them when unnecessary. This can be solved by installing solar lighting which means you’re able to avoid being reliant on the national grid and light your yard for free, meaning that your clients are able to use the lights as much as they feel necessary!
LiteMyRide is a professional lighting consultancy, specialising in equestrian lighting solutions and which can help the owners of equestrian premises not only reduce their electricity bills but also improve the lighting on their premises, perfect for carrying out work around the yard or providing lighting for riding and exercise areas such as indoor and outdoor arenas. They have a range of solar-powered lighting available and also offer advice and products to upgrade your existing mains powered lighting so that if you decide solar lighting isn’t for you, there are still other ways to reinvent your lighting solutions and to help reduce your power use and energy bills through installing rechargeable lighting, timers, coin meters or simply redesigning your lighting to create a more cost-effective and economic lighting plan. Running costs can be cut by up to 90% and also reduce maintenance costs by changing your existing system.  

Image credit - LiteMyRide
Cutting costs for your equestrian premises can often start with reviewing the smallest things on the yard, and lighting is something used every day but is often overlooked. Considering how, when and what type of lighting you use on the yard, and making even the smallest changes can help future proof your business against rising costs.
As well as lighting, there are many other factors that can help you cut costs on your yard, or improve the way you maintain your facilities for better business management. LiveryList is the Uk’s leading livery yard directory, but also home to the Yard Owner Hub, a unique resource offering a bounty of resources, guidance and templates on all aspects of managing your equestrian business practically and administratively. 

Cheryl Johns - Livery List
Horsemart Brand Ambassador
Published on 18-03-2022
Cheryl Johns is the founder of LiveryList. Launched in 2011, it has been the top-ranked Livery Yard Directory for many years, and through the Yard Owner Hub, launched in 2020, has developed into a one-of-a-kind resource for yard owners. “As an experienced equestrian and yard manager, with a background in marketing and business management, I create and publish lots of content in relation to yard management and equine welfare, as well as working in partnership with many equestrian associations, charities and publications consulting on yard management and viability. The helps support yard owners to run professional, viable businesses, and helps educate horse owners as to what they should be seeking from a yard in terms of best practice"