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Horse Health (The Ultimate Guide)

Owning a horse means so much more than the occasional hack or competition. It means a level of responsibility to ensure your horse remains happy and healthy, and we of course do all we can to ensure this remains so. But with so much to consider, from providing a decent living environment to ensuring you are supplying your horse with the right levels of nutrition, this can sometime be a daunting prospect.

Similarly as daunting is the thought of trawling the web to find the most informative guides around on these topics, which is why here at Horsemart we have done the hard work for you. Below are a list of some of our favourite horse health related resources on the web, covering some of the major topics you must consider when caring for your beloved equine.

Whether you're interested in learning more about horse health care, or just want to freshen up on your knowledge, this guide has everything you need.



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Living Environment


whats the perfect living environment for a horse


Your horse’s happiness starts with its house. Establishing a suitable living environment for your horse, tailored to its specific needs and requirements is key to ensuring it feels ‘at home’ as possible. A happy horse will not only work tirelessly for you, but will also give you its heart in return. But what are the key requirements needed to provide such an environment?






horse nutrition


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If that’s the case, certainly the same can also be said for horses. With so many differing opinions out there on what’s really best for your horse from a nutrition point of view, sometimes it can prove overwhelming as an owner. Take a look at some great resources below, with everything from feeding myths debunked to common nutrition disorders, this guide has you covered.






horse dentistry


Just as with any human, taking care of the inside of a horse’s mouth is essential to ensure their long term health. Routine equine dental care not only ensures your horse performs better and lives for longer, but it will also help save you money due to their feed going further. Why is horse dentistry important? Does it hurt the horse? What are some of the common issues that can affect your horse? For answers to all of these questions and more, check out the awesome resources below.






horse grooming


Grooming is an essential part of routine horse care. Not only does it benefit your horse and maintain their appearance, it is also great practise for you. By regularly grooming your horse, you are not only helping to develop trust and a lifetime bond, but it can also prove to be a good workout! Here are some great resources to help hone your grooming skills.  



Illnesses & Diseases


horse diseases


If your horse is displaying abnormal behaviour, it can be an extremely worrying time. One possible reason for this could be illness. As hard as we try, it is inevitable your horse will require veterinary attention at some point in their life. Being in the know relating to common equine illnesses and how to spot them could well help save your horse’s life one day.




Behaviour & Psychology


horse behaviour


In order to connect with your horse’s heart, you must first take the time to understand what goes on inside their head. By developing an understanding of what is driving your horse’s actions, you stand the best chance of effectively modifying their behavior. You’ll learn about the influence of pain on your horse’s behaviour, what to do if they misbehave, as well as possible reasons for acting up in the first place.




Hoof Care


horse hoof care


Your horse’s hooves are such a vital part of their anatomy. By ensuring they stay in peak condition, you maximise your horse’s ability to jump, work and compete to the best if its ability. From the resources below you’ll learn how to ensure your horse’s hooves stay in ‘clip clop’ shape. We also delve into some of the common hoof specific injuries all horse owners need to be educated on, such as laminitis and thrush.






horse lameness


There is no hiding from lameness, nearly all riders will have to deal with this abnormal stance or gait at some point. It’s incredibly important for owners to know how to prevent, spot any signs of lameness in your horse. This is the best to prevent any long term damage to your equine friend. Here are some fantastic resources to help you better understand causes, symptoms and treatment of horse lameness.




Finding a Vet


find a horse vet


In order for your horse to remain healthy, you will require regular contact with your vet - annual vaccinations, dental checkups and deworming all form part of the annual expense to ensure your horse’s health. All this in addition to any potential unplanned visits. But what should you consider when choosing a vet for your horse?