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How To Wash Your Horse's Tail

Note: Be careful washing your horse’s tail and mane prior to a show as it tends to leave the hair very fluffy which makes it difficult to style and plait. Try to wash your horse's mane and tail at least two days before a show, this way it’s still nice and clean but a lot easier to style.

Start washing from the top of the tail and really work the shampoo in all the way to the bottom.

The tail can get very dirty so you want to make sure you are working the shampoo right into the base of the tail to avoid missing any dirt as this make cause you to be marked down if you're competing in your tack and turn out.

Once you have reached the bottom of the tail leave the wash in for a couple of minutes for it to really take effect.

Once the few minutes are up you can wash the shampoo out with water. Make sure, again, that you rinse right from the base of the tail and remove all the shampoo. This will ensure that you don’t cause any skin problems to the horse.

Once the tail has been rinsed thoroughly, run your hand from the top to the bottom of your horses tail, squeezing out the excess water, to help your horse’s tail dry quicker.