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When it comes to horse insurance it’s not always about purchasing the highest level of cover, but having a level of cover you feel happy with and at a premium you feel comfortable paying. This is why insurance provider KBIS offer a range of unique and affordable insurance solutions alongside more comprehensive cover options.

Here are some options that could provide the answer you’re looking for – helping to ease the financial pressure in what are still uncertain times.

Three affordable stand-alone policy options

If there is one insurance cover you shouldn’t be without its Public Liability. Essential for any horse owner, Public Liability cover protects you against claims made by third parties for property damage or bodily injury caused by your horse. If you are not looking for any additional cover then a stand-alone public liability policy is a sensible option, KBIS have policies starting from just £47.04* per year.

Vet Fee insurance remains the most popular cover option, but it is also one of the most expensive inclusions on a policy. KBIS now offer two alternative vet fee options which can be purchased without any other cover benefits required - Catastrophe Cover & Open Wound Only.

KBIS Catastrophe Cover starts from just £300*. This unique cover provides vet fees up to a maximum of £7,500 in total during the policy period for accidental, external injuries caused by an open wound, plus three lifesaving veterinary procedures; Colic surgery, joint or tendon sheath flushing and surgery for pastern or pedal bone fractures.

“Catastrophe Cover is an affordable way to insure my pride and joy” – Alice Pearson, KBIS Policyholder

Open Wound Only cover is just that, cover for vet fees incurred, up to a maximum of £3,000 per incident, for treatment as a result of accidental external injury involving an open wound. From less than £225* per year, it offers a solution for owners looking to have some form of insurance in place against situations that require urgent and costly medical attention.

Value for Money - Top Tips

If you are looking for more comprehensive cover there are still ways to help bring down your premium without compromising on certain benefits:

  • Consider your horse’s market value – don’t be tempted to over insure your horse. Ask yourself, is the sum insured a true reflection on what someone else would be willing to pay to take on ownership? You can also consider under insuring to help further reduce the premium, at KBIS you can under insure by up to 50% of your horse’s current value.
  • Look at the class of use – insurers place different activities in different risk categories which effects the premium charged. Ensure you are in the correct group for the activities you participate in. Depending on the value your horse is insured for and subject to no claims, you can adjust your class of use at any point during the policy. This is useful when considering any seasonal variation in your horse’s work, if you give your horse a holiday over the winter, or if your horse is having a break at the moment whilst competitions are halted, it may be worth looking into whether you can adjust the class of use to bring down your premium.
  • Review your vet fees options – a higher excess, lower incident limit, or a co-insurance policy, will all lower your premium.
  • Don’t double up on cover – check any cover benefits you might have as part of membership with a governing body or under other insurance policies.

Head to the KBIS website to find out more about their range of affordable horse insurance solutions or alternatively, call their helpful team on 0345 230 2323.

*Please note all prices quoted are subjected to our standard underwriting criteria, terms and conditions.

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance
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Published on 25-01-2021
KBIS is the largest independent equine insurance provider in the UK, offering insurance on anything and everything equestrian, from your horse, horsebox or trailer through to liability or specialist property insurance.