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So this is what you've been searching for this year...

What is Horsemart without the stars of the show - our wonderful horses! With so many incredible mounts to discover, you may be wondering which breeds have had the Horsemart community bright-eyed and searching for more... and now we know! 

Take a look below at our most sought after breeds of the year, and fall in love with them all, just as we have! 

1. American Quarter Horse

Known for their versatility, athleticism and speed, the American Quarter Horse is a champion when it comes to short distance sprinting and, as suggested by its name, is able to speed across distances of a quarter-mile or less within record-breaking time. The American Quarter Horse is typically one of the most popular choices of breed for new and experienced equestrians alike, due to their gentle, loyal nature and ability to adapt. 

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2. Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is known for its racing prowess, with its agility, speed and spirit putting this hot-blooded breed on the map as a successful mount for jumping, dressage and hunting among a variety of disciplines. Thoroughbreds also make wonderful companion horses for pleasure riding, and are much sought after. 

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3. Appaloosa 

The Appaloosa breed is easily recognisable due to its distinctive spotted coat pattern and was developed by the Nez Perce Native American tribe in the Pacific Northwest. Appaloosa's are often selected to work with livestock thanks to their easy-going disposition and reliability, but can also be popular horses for both competing and leisure riding. 

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4. Andalusian 

Originally from the South of Spain, the hot-blooded Andalusian is a powerful and elegant breed, known for its energy, agility, and fast learning nature. The breed is often used to compete in dressage and jumping and is a fantastic amount for leisure riding. The athleticism and stamina displayed by the Andalusians also make them an excellent choice for long-distance riding events. 

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5. Arabian Horse 

Well suited for equestrians that are keen to compete in endurance riding, racing, dressage, and more, the Arabian horse breed tends to be a fast learner and eager to please their rider, whilst at the same time remaining spirited and alert, making them well suited for confident equestrians. 

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6. American Paint Horse 

Known for its distinctive coloring and pattern on its coat, the American Paint is a crossbreed between the Thoroughbred and the American Quarter horse, meaning they are powerful and versatile, typically performing well in western disciplines, and are brilliant as a pleasure riding mount. The American Paint is brilliant for beginners due to its loyal and docile nature.

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7. Freisian Horse 

The Friesian horse is a willing learner, with a calm demeanor - eager to please its rider. Though large and muscular, the Friesian has a docile and gentle temperament, often seen competing successfully at events including dressage and horse racing, and are suitable for beginners and advanced equestrians alike. 

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8. Clydesdale Horse 

Originally from Scotland, the cold-blooded Clydesdale is a tall and muscular breed of horse, making it a brilliant choice for farming. Their quiet and trainable nature makes them a well-suited mount for riders of all experience levels, but a brilliant choice for beginners. 

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9. Shetland Pony 

The Shetland Pony is a small horse ranging between 71 to 107 cm. Despite their small stature, Shetland Ponies are considered one of the most intelligent horse breeds and can be brilliant mounts when performing in the show ring due to their fun personalities. Shetland Ponies are an excellent family horse option and make brilliant mounts for younger children.
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Looking for a new horse to bond with this year? There are plenty of horses on site right now that are looking for new homes and that are ready for a brand new adventure! View the latest ads here.

We look forward to seeing which breeds are among your favourites this year! 


Alix Burchell - Horsemart
Horsemart Content Team
Published on 06-01-2022
Alix is a member of the Horsemart content team, bringing you all the latest news and providing helpful guides and advice.