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Are you an overthinker? Here’s how to stop the overthinking...
In this blog, I’d like to give you two tried and tested techniques to stop overthinking, the destructive ‘what-ifs’ that plague so many of us. Overthinking something can be stopped, but we need to put the handbrake on and override the automatic thoughts. We need to take control.
Having continuous negative commentaries or movies dominating our thoughts not only impacts our riding, but also causes mental and physical fatigue and embeds those harmful thoughts deeply into our unconscious minds. Did you know that those pictures and movies act as instructions for the mind? That’s why when we see a ‘what if’ unfolding in our mind’s eye off the horse, it makes us feel even worse when we’re on the horse, because our mind is aiming to re-create the ‘what if’!
Imagine being bombarded with all those panic-ridden pictures and dialogues every waking moment, no wonder the unconscious mind creates in us feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. Those feelings are there to keep us ultra-safe.  They are messages from a very protective mind, the part of the mind that thinks only of survival.