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10 Amazing Places to Ride Worldwide

Any horse lover will understand the obsession of riding a horse and the desperate longing to get as much time in the saddle as possible. Even when you’re on holiday you might find it hard to stay away from the stirrups. But fear not, you can jump on a horse just about anywhere on the planet; there are some quite special places to do it as well. We’ve taken some of the top rated riding attractions from around the globe, based on TripAdvisor reviews, to create our own guide to international riding phenomenons - definitely a page to add to the bucket list!


1. Laxnes Horse Farm, Iceland -


2. Laganas Riding Centre, Greece -


3. Kentucky Horse Park, USA -


4. The Cardrona Valley, New Zealand -


5. Carabali Rainforest, Puerto Rico -


6. Cornish Riding Holidays, England -


7. Ubud Horse Stables, Bali, Indonesia -


8. Santa Marilha Excursions, Cape Verde -


9. Horse About Trails, South Africa -


10. Silver Falls Ranch, Kauai Hawaii -


A riding holiday is a great way to keep yourself or your family occupied whilst you’re on your travels. It’s perfect for exploring your destination in greater detail too; it’s much faster than walking and you’re able to get to places no car can! If you’re a first timer, you’ll get to learn how rewarding it can be to build a relationship with this gentle animal. A riding holiday is the perfect way to improve your riding skills too, as you can potentially spend a full week (or more) harnessing your ability and growing your confidence.

We all know that it’s so easy to get caught up in a monotonous pattern of doing the same thing in exactly the same place, every time you take a break.

Booking a riding holiday is the ultimate way to mix things up, keep things exciting and give yourself a thrill - whilst on top of the greatest animal alive!


We’ve got some awesome tips for how to book your riding holiday in the simplest fashion, plus an insight on the current cheapest Summer flights to our destinations, as displayed by Skyscanner!


1. Laxnes Horse Farm, Reykjavik, Iceland




Set in the foothills of Mosfellsbaer near Reykjavik, this quiet farm has been a family business for nearly 50 years, providing tourists with horseback tours through the astonishing Icelandic scenery. If you take a visit in the heart of Winter, the entire landscape is sheeted with snow, making a trip on the native Icelandic horse an unforgettable experience. Extremely friendly staff allow you to feed the horses and help to pick the most suitable ride for you, so all that you have to worry about is taking in the beautiful surroundings!


TripAdvisor rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £53 (June 2018)

Website: https://www.laxnes.is/


2. Laganas Horse Riding Centre, Kalamaki, Greece



Situated on the stunning Zakynthos Island in Greece, the Laganas Centre allows visitors to gallop along the Ionian coast on a peaceful and attractive white beach. Experienced instructors help you kit up and set you off, but freedom is yours after that. Winding sand dune paths let the horse take you on a thrilling ride through contrasting terrains, or just choose to trot along the beach for a more relaxing adventure! Choose your time of day wisely, as a morning ride could allow you to start the day off in style, or a late afternoon sunset ride is about as glamorous as it gets.


TripAdvisor rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £145

Website: http://www.laganahorseriding.gr/


3. Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, USA



Possibly the most extensive horse park in the world, this family attraction lets you explore the history of the horse and live like a cowboy for a day! Nestled in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky and set upon over 1,200 acres, this active horse farm includes an oval race track, a dressage complex, a steeplechase course and loads more, giving everyone the chance to experience competitive riding and imitate life on the ranch. A great family day out and the most complete equine practice you will ever get! This is a must do for any horse lover.


TripAdvisor rating: 4.5*

Skyscanner flight price: £580

Website: http://www.kyhorsepark.com/


4. The Cardrona, Cardrona Valley, New Zealand



The Cardrona Valley is home to some of the most iconic images of New Zealand’s south island, boasting rich greenery, flowing waters and towering mountains. Departing from The Cardrona Hotel, you and a group of others can embark on a trail of discovery, using a trusty horse as your guide through the picturesque valleys. Cross trickling streams and trot alongside the clouds as an experienced guide shows you all there is to see in this majestic region of the South Pacific. This trip accommodates people of all abilities and allows you to travel as your own experience allows. This has been described as ‘One of the best experiences in New Zealand!’.


TripAdvisor rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £801

Website: https://thecardrona.co.nz/


5. Carabali Rainforest Park, Puerto Rico



Use the stealth of a leopard and the eye of a hawk to navigate your way through the rainforest on horseback, on this traditional adventure that’s been a fan favourite since 1972. Highly knowledgeable tour guides will lead you through the beaten paths, across streams and down towards the beach. This tour gives you a chance to experience the glorious surroundings of the El Yunque National Rainforest on calm, native horses, whilst having time for refreshment breaks and river swimming. Prices are extremely affordable and you can choose the time limits that suit you. This is a unique trekking experience in the heart of the rainforest - truly unmissable!


TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5*

Skyscanner flight price: £451

Website: http://www.carabalirainforestpark.com/index.php


6. Cornish Riding Holidays, Redruth, England




Set on the beautiful South West coast of England amidst the rolling countryside and the Historic Mineral Tramways (A World Heritage Site), this riding school is a family run business that aims to provide visitors with a professional riding refuge away from home. Beginners and experts are welcome alike, the centre offers a wide range of disciplines from show jumping and dressage to cross country and residential riding. There is no better option for a ‘staycation’ if you’re a budding rider, as you get the chance to continue doing what you love in a location that is like no other in the country. The combination of sea and countryside makes this British Riding School accredited centre one of the world’s most unique set ups!


TripAdvisor Rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £61

Website: https://www.cornishridingholidays.co.uk/


7. Ubud Horse Stables, Bali, Indonesia




Bali is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for many different reasons, but it’s stunning riding routes are heavily overlooked. Not many take the time to venture away from the gorgeous beaches and trek inland, but the dense palm forests and layered rice fields are just as attractive. The Ubud horse stables are settled in a secluded village, Desa Pupuan, providing beautiful silence for you and the horses. The rice fields are an impressive spectacle and you can get the chance to ride through them at the height of the island as you explore deep valleys and rich green forest. All horses are ‘extremely well trained’ and ‘a pleasure to ride’ for beginners or advanced riders. This tour is one of Bali’s hidden gems, so you’ll feel extremely privileged if you get the chance to experience a trip that many fail to find…


TripAdvisor Rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £383

Website: http://www.ubudhorsestables.com/index.html


8. Santa Marilha Horse Excursions, Cape Verde



Quite simply a group of spectacular paradise islands surrounded by Atlantic Ocean; Cape Verde is the trip of a lifetime that could be made even better by galloping down the pristine white beaches on a horse. This is something Santa Marilha Excursions can offer you, with expertly groomed horses and qualified guides. The Island of Sal is littered with bustling nature reserves and salt mines that you can explore on horseback with your friends and family. You don’t need any experience as a rider and the freedom is yours to walk, trot or gallop about the breathtaking scenery. The weather rarely fails to be anything other than glorious, making the experience all the more enjoyable as the deep blue ocean wraps around you. The company offer pickup and drop off to hotels, as well as all inclusive equipment and insurance within an affordable price. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get to ride anywhere else like this in your life, so seize the opportunity!


TripAdvisor Rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £238

Website: https://www.horseexcursionsal.com/


9. Horse About Trails, Tulbagh, South Africa




Horse About Trails simply ask you to ride on ‘scenic trails in the foothills of the majestic Witzenberg Mountains, through vineyards, forests and farmland, set against a backdrop of arresting beauty’. What could be better. It’s hard to find a place packed with more wildlife and natural wonder than South Africa, so exploiting this attribute is a no-brainer. The centre is so easy access, being a short drive from Cape Town, the nation's most popular city. For an even more memorable experience, you have the option to book an evening moonlight ride, so you can get a completely different perspective of South Africa under the stars! You can request a couple’s picnic after your ride too, so this is one for the romantics!


TripAdvisor Rating: 5*

Skyscanner flight price: £458

Website: http://www.horseabout.co.za/


10. Silver Falls Ranch, Kauai, Hawaii




There can’t be many better places to be than on a private, 300 acre ranch on one of Hawaii’s most secluded islands, Kauai. At Silver Falls the horses take pride of place and the ranch devotes its time to making sure the animals have the best quality of life possible. That’s why you can ride contently knowing the horse is having as much enjoyment as you are. If the streams, flowers and wildlife of the park aren’t enough for you then you can join a guide on  an exploration ride further into Hawaii, bordered by breathtaking mountains to the north. The tranquility around you allows you to focus on building a relationship with your horse as you two explore the wild together.


TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5*

Skyscanner flight price: £839

Website: http://www.silverfallsranch.com/


Riding Holidays Booking Guide


Booking flights -  Although many riding excursion companies will offer you a package, or flight suggestions, we recommend that you book your flights yourself. It may take a little extra time, but it’s only you who can find the perfect date and price that suits you. Book as far in advance as possible to get the best deal, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different local airports: a slight change in destination can massively reduce your price! We recommend to use Skyscanner as a reliable and thorough comparison service.


Car hire - Hiring a car is an option if you have plans to travel beyond your riding destination, but we don’t feel that this is necessary. Travelling by horse is far more exciting, and all of our destinations have restaurants and attractions nearby, so you don’t really need to spend the extra money!


Airport transfers - If you choose not to get a car, you’ll need to find a transfer to get you from the airport to your destination. We would recommend using the riding excursion company for this, as the locals will be far better at negotiating the correct service!


Travel insurance - Most riding companies will demand travel insurance from a customer, as riding can pose some risks. The riding company will not want to pay for any damages you cause, therefore they will usually ask for sufficient evidence that you are covered before booking. Comparison sites like Compare the Market will get you the best deal.


Riding kit, equipment and footwear -  If you’re an experienced rider or someone looking for the most comfortable experience, we suggest that you use your own riding equipment as this will be best tailored to your needs. Equine Superstore have a great range of riding equipment available. If you’re a complete beginner and you’re not sure whether riding is for you yet, you can wait until you arrive to hire some of the equipment available from your riding company. They will measure you up and make sure you get the best kit for an enjoyable ride.


We also recommend that you check your riding company for sufficient riding qualifications, health and safety checks etc. Are they actually qualified to be an instructor by an official society such as the BHS?

So there you have it, a worldwide list of places that you simply must visit as a horse lover, plus a few tips on how to book the best riding holiday possible. Breathtaking views, educational experiences and some real undiscovered beauties; ticking all of these off would be the ultimate feat. There are plenty more outstanding places to hop on a horse, so why not take a look and make your own list!