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How To Place An Ad On Horsemart

Are you looking to sell your horse or anything equine related but are unsure where to start? Look no further than Horsemart. You can place your ad for free with us today, or for a small cost, upgrade your ad to gain maximum exposure.

Follow our step by step guide on our place an ad process.

Please note: you can still follow this guide to create a listing that isn't a horse.

1. First, visit the Horsemart website at

2. At the top right corner of Horsemart's homepage, you will see the ‘place your ad’ button which will take you through to the next step, click on it and wait for the next page to load.

Or click here:                         

3. This page will be titled ‘1. Choose Category’. In the first box tell us what you are selling, try and choose something that describes what category your horse or product falls into, e.g Horses for
loan. Remember, this box should not include your horse's name or a description of your horse, e.g Beautiful charlie for sale.


4. In the second box, there is a drop-down menu from which you can choose a category. Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the box, this will bring up your choices. Once you've clicked on the category that best suits what you are selling it will bring up subcategories to define your listing in more detail. Select the appropriate one and click the green button in the bottom right corner that says ‘next Step’.


5. The next page will be titled ‘2. Create Your Ad’. In the first box enter a title for your product or horse, you want this to describe what you are selling as best as it can without being too long. Your title must include at least three words, for example, ‘Sweet tempered Irish
sport horse gelding’.

6. The next step is to fill in the description box, you want to include as much information as possible. Bear in mind if you were the buyer, what would you want to know?

If you are listing a horse include things such as:

  • Personality

  • Breeding

  • Medical information

  • Training

  • Show records

  • Potential


For any more information visit Horsemart’s step by step guide to selling a horse.

7. If you are choosing to place an upgraded ad, you can add an additional category in the next box, which will give viewers more detail and gain your ad even more exposure. If you are choosing to place a free ad, leave this box blank.


8.  The next box to fill in is the price. Make sure you have a look at similar products or horses that are already listed, this should give you a good idea of price. You don’t want to list your item or horse too low or too high. Once you have decided and entered your price you can select from the drop-down menu on the right side a category, e.g ONO = Or Near Offer.


9. The next box, currency, is optional, however, it’s best to fill this box with the appropriate currency as it will give viewers a more accurate idea of your price.


10. If you are listing a horse the next section is all about the details of your horse and if you are selling any other product, these details will relate to what you are selling.
These sections are all optional, however, it’s best to fill them in as they are filtered in search results. This means if a viewer filters their search by your horse’s breed but you haven't entered it in the ‘breed’ box then your ad won't show up in the results.
This is the same for details on other listings, for example, 4x4’s.

So go through and fill in (for horses): 

  • Horses Name

  • Age

  • Colour

  • Gender

  • Height in Hands

  • Breed

  • Breeding History

  • Badges

              Horse details


11. Next up is images and videos, again, these sections are also optional but buyers will want to see what your horse or item looks like, so to have more chance of selling.
Include pictures of your horse's full confirmation from various angles. If you are choosing an upgraded ad you can also include a short video of your horse in action, however, free ads only allow you to chose one image. All of your images and videos should be honest and show any imperfections your horse or item may have.
              Images and videos
For more information visit 
Horsemart’s step by step guide to selling a horse.

12. Contact details. Make sure all your contact details are correct. Always double check them to make sure, otherwise, you may lose potential buyers. You can also choose to include your location by ticking the tick box at the bottom. This will display your location on a map. This can be useful if you have people coming to view your horse or item. Once you have filled in all of the appropriate fields click on the purple ‘next step’ button.

             Contact details

13. The last page is where you select your ad type, chose from the options:

Basic adBronze adSilver adGold ad

There are also business plan options available, just select the ‘business plans’ button at the top of the page and choose from:

                 5 ad saverPremium 12Elite 20
14. Once you have chosen your appropriate ad plan, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘finish’ button in the bottom right-hand corner. If you have a discount code you can also enter this in the box on the left.