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The 3.5 Tonne Horsebox: A Buyer's Guide

We’ve had more people than ever buying and selling 3.5 tonne horseboxes on Horsemart.co.uk.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best on the market, and answered some

of the most popular questions.

It’s unsurprising that these small, convenient lorries have rocketed in popularity in recent years. Not only can you drive a 3.5 tonne lorry on a standard car licence, but they also add a bit of luxury to days at shows, with their living space and features. More importantly, it’s thought that they give a smoother ride for the horses, making their experience comfortable and safe.

Travelling time is often overlooked, but it’s key to remember that travelling as a horse is in fact ‘work’ for them. A horse will use a lot of energy whilst travelling - holding balance and through adrenaline. It is paramount to performance that they have a good journey to their event, and in turn it’s also important to give the horse a comfortable ride home to ensure they have a good recovery.


Bloomfields is the European leading brand in 3.5 tonne horseboxes. These lorries aim to prioritise the comfort of your horse, whilst remaining attractive and high class. Bloomfields horseboxes are perfectly designed for your practicality, using specific quality outlines, never settling for second best. As an example, their exclusive fibreglass technology sector have created luxury seamless, edge-free, reinforced tack lockers, wheel arch covers, and afully moulded sliding partition - a first for UK 3.5 tonne horseboxes. This provides excellent reinforcement, security and appearance. Bloomfields also has options for upgrades, allowing an enhanced living area, giving even more space and style in your SL, SLE or Eventer model.


Bloomfields Living.jpg

Bloomfield’s extended living area, http://www.bloomfields.co/horsebox_models/eventer_compact/



Alexanders Grand National lorry is ideal for those single horse owners who also want luxury travel and facilities at their disposal. The Alexanders Grand National is a customer favourite with its complete accommodation capabilities and grouped seating area for 3-4 people. Additionally this pulls out to form a comfy queen size bed, removable table, wardrobe and spacious storage cupboards and cooking facilities with a gas hob and sink. It can be finished in either light or dark oak with varying tiers of luxury. The equine area comes with a self collapsing breast bar system, wide windows that let light stream in and can be adjusted to suit your horses ventilation needs. The area is finished with two secure storage lockers for all of your tack and equipment. It allows a 750kg payload on this standard chassis but they can upgrade the horsebox to an extra weight which can allow for up to 1200 kg payload. This is ideal if you have more than one horse travelling with you.

If payload is a main focus of yours then the Alexanders York model is ideal, with a payload of up to 2000 kg depending on the features you select. It’s a stylish design, capable of 40 mpg and comes with a 4 year Renault warranty.


The Oakley Sport 2 is also a popular choice. Oakley is a brand that’s been around for many years, offering exceptional customer service. As Brian Oakley explains: "Our policy has always been to build boxes to individual customers requirements and this calls for very close co-operation from the drawing board to the finished product. Working alongside our customers in this way has helped to forge long and lasting friendships and this has been a key to our company's success".



Oakley Sport 2 3.5 tonne lorry, http://www.oakleyhorseboxes.co.uk/supersport.asp


Boss Horseboxes are a brand much admired by Olympian Charlotte Dujardin "I am delighted with my Boss - the layout is great - everything is where you need it. The box is so easy to drive and the horses are relaxed and comfortable while travelling and at the competition. I have seen many different two-horse boxes throughout Europe and I would choose no other".

With its exclusive design and impressive payload, the Supa-Lite 35 is sturdy and almost indestructible, thanks to the use of use of premium materials, talented assembly and brilliant architecture, all the while being extremely lightweight too: some would say it’s unchallenged as the best 3.5 tonne two-horse box. From beginning to end, the Supa-Lite 35 provides you with numerous specifications and extras that can’t be seen anywhere else. This is a demonstration of the time and passion put into each model something that BOSS pride themselves on. Built to last  a lifetime, your BOSS Horsebox will be a reliable addition for many years, without losing the beauty and sophistication it had when you bought it.


BOSS horseboxBoss custom design 3.5 tonne, http://www.bosshorseboxes.co.uk/


Foxy are another brand that has rocketed in popularity. Owned by the likes of racing trainer Richard Guest, these 3.5 tonne lorries are perfect for taking horses to events. Their unique stallion design, is perfect for unpredictable travellers and young horses as they do not have a breast bar. The horses are separated by either a full or 3/4 height padded partition and 2 full height grilled access doors (leading to the groom area) eliminating the need for a breast bar. The Foxy boxes also feature a low ramp, which is brilliant for difficult loaders.


FOXY Lorry

Foxy Twin 3.5 tonne, http://www.foxyhorseboxes.co.uk/foxy-twin.html

What is Payload?

Payload is the amount of weight your lorry can legally carry. Everything needs to be taken into account - the horses, the tack, water, people, dogs; absolutely everything. If your box has a 1000kg payload, you need to add up the weight of your horse and everything else travelling within the box, to ensure you are under this weight.

Now that you know who the leading suppliers are in the world of horseboxes, you can browse our site for the highest quality at the best prices. Check out our horsebox range right here!