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Product Review By Hesteyri Horses – The Aztec Diamond Black Stone Wash Denim Breeches!

We teamed up with Aztec Diamond to send some of our brand ambassadors some great pieces from Aztec to test and review. Meg and Lauren from Hesteyri Horses were sent a couple of items to put to the test on a busy training yard. First up is the stylish Black Stone Wash Denim Breeches and here’s what they thought..

Black Stone Wash Denim Breeches 

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Kerry 27 Feb 19\DSC_0425.JPG

So, what did you think of the breeches?

First impressions on these were definitely positive! They look ridiculously stylish and were so comfortable the minute I put them on.

What did you do to test them out?

We wore these for three full days work before writing a review. This included washing jumps, moving jumps and jumping jumps! It also involved mucking out, grooming, haynets, hacking out and a myriad of other duties involved in the day to day running of a busy schooling yard.

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Kerry 27 Feb 19\DSC_0500.JPG

Would you recommend them to a friend?

I would definitely recommend these to a friend. They feel just like my favourite pair of jeans to wear, but are much smarter! They are a perfect balance between casual and smart, ideal for wearing to clinics or training, and equally fab for use at home. The detailing is really sophisticated, with just the right amount of bling to draw attention without being garish.

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Product review\Aztec Diamond\DSC_0336.JPGD:\Videos\A1 Recents\Product review\Aztec Diamond\DSC_0338.JPG

The only niggle I have with these is that because they are quite low fitting and sit on the hips I needed a belt with them and didn’t have one which looked nice enough with them so spent my days pulling them up continuously!

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Kerry 27 Feb 19\DSC_0455.JPG

I love these, they are certainly up there with the nicest clothing I own, and the next time I end up in town in my riding gear I definitely won’t be embarrassed! They are coming with me to Hong Kong next month so I can find the perfect belt to go with them.

Out of 5 how would you rate them?

How easy they were to use:

***** The breeches were perfectly fitting and easy to slip on and off. The fastenings were simple but effective.


***** As said earlier, these were just like wearing your favourite pair of jeans, they had an elasticated waistband so didn’t dig in.


***** We used them for everything without worrying about loose threads, broken fittings or anything similar. Admittedly we have not worn them for very long, so could have tested this more.


***** If I could give more than five stars here I would! They are the nicest breeches I have ever seen, let alone owned!

True to size:

***** They fit like a glove so they’re obviously the right size!

If you want to take a look or get yourself a pair then have a look on Aztec Diamonds site 

Hesteyri Horses
Horsemart Brand Ambassador
Published on 2019-03-04