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Meet The Latest Member Of Our Content Team, Jennifer Postollec!

I discovered my passion for horses when I was very young and immediately knew I wanted to spend my life with them. I have been riding for 25 years and the trigger occurred at the age of 10 when I discovered the profession of ‘Animal Osteopath’. Since that day, this passion has not left me.

15 years ago, this therapy was not very popular in France but I finally found a 3 year course. After taking this course I wanted to complete my knowledge so I started a 5 year course in osteopathy for humans and had my own private surgery in France for two years.

I became the lucky owner of my two Spanish horses in 2011. I got them when they were both only 1 year old and they taught me almost everything; they are my source of inspiration!

In 2015 I decided to move in England with my horses and my cat, where the title ‘osteopath’ can only be used by osteopaths for humans. Since then, I have also qualified with Distinction as an Equine Sport Massage Therapist and was confirmed as member of IAAT in June 2018.

The International Association of Animal Therapists expects a high standard of work and commitment from its members and to that end requires them to maintain their skill base by completing Continued Professional Development (CPD).

CPD has been defined as:

"The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the member's working life."

Now, based in Kent, I am an equine therapist specializing in osteopathic techniques. Depending on the animal's needs, I also use sports massage and stretching to correct imbalances and relieve restrictions, stiffness and asymmetry in the musculo skeletal system. I have been trained to use joint manipulation, kinesiology taping, myofascial release, visceral and craniosacral techniques. I will always choose the techniques I use during treatment based on each individual animal, its sensitivity, and its dysfunction.

My aim is to improve the range of motion, calm the nervous system, stimulate the circulation, relieve muscle cramps and spasms, decrease muscle fatigue, and loosen joints. I do not force any manipulation and I always adapt the duration and the intensity of my techniques according to the animal. I approach each animal with empathy and respect, in the understanding of its fears, its possible pains and difficulties.

My work covers Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, Greater London, West Sussex (north part only), and although they are not my main patients, I also have the pleasure of treating cats and dogs!

My passion for treating and helping animals has given me over 10 years of experience in the field, with many different cases from the yearling to the elderly horse, both in France and England. I focus on continuous personal development to ensure I am maintaining and improving my knowledge and skills at all times. With me, your horse is in safe hands.


You can find out more about Jennifer's work by visting her website or following her on Facebook or Instagram.

Jennifer Postollec
Horsemart Content Contributor
Published on 2020-07-09