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Finding horses for sale under 1000 pounds

If you are on a tight budget - maybe you are looking to purchase your first horse, or you are simply looking to keep your spending to a minimum - then fear not. There are a number of horses available on Horsemart that are under £1000, meaning finding the right horse for you isn’t as much of a challenge as you would have initially thought. 
Have a browse of our Horses for Sale section and filter by price. This way, you can only browse the horses you can afford, meaning you won’t fall for a beautiful mare or stallion that is out of your price range. As I said, there are hundreds of horses for sale under £1000, so get browsing today.
Here at Horsemart, we have decide to offer you some more help, when it comes to shopping for a cheap horse. Here are some tips to help you along the way. 
Try an auction
You may just want to try shopping at an auction if you are looking for a horse that is valued at under £1000. Horses at auctions won’t have a set price, however, by attending and playing the field wisely, you can sometimes end up walking away from an auction with a bargain. Due to the complexity of an auction, this method of purchasing a horse should only be attempted by experienced buyers. 
Private sales
Private sales are often a cracking option when looking to spend less on a horse. You can often find a family that is looking to sell a horse to a nice home for one of a number of reasons - maybe their child has outgrown the animal or they are moving home and can’t take the horse with them. When buying privately, there is also the opportunity for you to haggle on the price, which means that you can get yourself a real bargain. Do your research and take your time shopping around and you should be ok. 
Don’t forget to ask the right questions
It is always important, when shopping for horses, that you ask all of the correct questions before handing over your money. This applies to horses bought at auction, online, or privately. Here are some questions that we feel you should be asking when you are shopping for a horse that is valued at under £1000. 
  • Can I have a veterinary examination before purchase? You won’t want to invest in an injured, ill or lame horse, so you should always look to have the animal examined by a vet before you make the purchase. If you dive in with the transaction straight away, then you could end up being lumbered with an injured animal and a large amount of veterinary bills. 
  • Why is the horse available at a cheap price? Again, horses that are particularly cheap are usually available at a decent price for a reason. This may be an innocent reason and the horse may be perfectly fine, however, it is always a good idea to find out why the animal is available at a knockdown price. This is because there will be cases where people are trying to shift a horse that isn’t fit for purpose and the cheap price will be used to speed up the sale. 
  • Tell me more about the horse? You will want to ask about the horse’s temperament and find out how it reacts to certain situations, such as being loaded into a horse trailer or riding on the road. It is vital that you find out as much about the animal as possible before you part with your money. Just because you are paying less for the animal, doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on certain things that are of importance to you. 
  • Does the animal have any special dietary requirements? If you are buying a horse you will want to know about its dietary needs. You won’t want to feed the animal some food that will cause it problems. But more importantly, knowing about its dietary needs will most probably play a part in your decision making process when deciding whether or not to purchase the animal. 
  • Be honest about your own riding skills. You should always be honest to the current owner of the horse when it comes to talking about your own riding skills. This way the owner will be able to give you an honest opinion on whether or not the horse is right for you. 
So, there you have it, our guide to buying horses for under £1000. If you follow these tips and pieces of advice closely then you might just find the perfect horse for you and your budget. Good luck compadre.