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This time I’ve decided to design an adaptable exercise which can be beneficial when jumping to help with balance.

This layout is great as you don’t need a huge arena and you can do numerous exercises without changing the design. (Please see the 3 below)

This exercise can help improve balance and consistency in striding/rhythm. Ride as shown over the green line. Ensure before riding that you know the strides in between each fence and that you keep to them on each attempt. When riding concentrate on the bend and balance between each fence. If you want more of a challenge you can set up this exercise with uneven striding and try to collect, keeping the rhythm and regularity. This exercise can be done over poles or jumps.

This exercise is good practice for jump-offs and changes of lead over fences. Ride over the jumps as shown. When riding the turns ensure that you support the horse and when over the jumps plan the canter lead so that you don’t need to change after the fence. This exercise can be done in either direction and over jumps or poles.

This exercise is a simple one. It can either be a double, bounce or even a triple depending on the size of your arena. One of the main tasks with this is ensuring that you get the canter established before the turn as the turn may be a bit tight. If you want any more variety for this you can add in some oxers and fillers and/or change the distance in order to have to collect.

You can combine these 3 exercises in order to make a small course.

I hope you all enjoy them, please tag Horsemart when you attempt them and let us know how you get on,

Good luck,

Until next time,


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Website: www.edwardchitty.com

Edward Chitty (Equine Tuition)
British Dressage Judge
Published on 2019-02-21