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Aztec Diamond Leggings Review

What did you think of the Aztec Diamond Leggings?

Our first impressions for the leggings were that they were comfy but not flimsy. Meg wore them for a week and in that time, filled haynets, made feeds, washed jumps and did all of the jobs involved in the running of a busy yard!

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Tom 27 Feb 19\DSC_0369.JPG

One of these jobs is running with one of our oldies, Rowan, who gets jumped to keep him young and happy. People are always asking about the best jodhpurs, breeches and leggings to run in as well… Look no further! These leggings give you complete freedom to run and have vents down the side to keep you from getting too hot. I thought I would feel the cold even more than normal because they aren’t very thick but I found that they were very insulating but also breathable!

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Benj 01 March 19\DSC_0081.JPG D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Benj 01 March 19\DSC_0084.JPG

We also jumped and schooled in them and they felt amazing! Riding in thinner leggings, I felt that I could better feel what I was doing and felt looser and less restricted.

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Benj 01 March 19\DSC_0112.JPG

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Ronnie 27 Feb 19\DSC_0402.JPGD:\Videos\A1 Recents\Tom 27 Feb 19\DSC_0366.JPG

I loved that the leggings were designed for usability as well as looks and the long phone pocket was ideal, particularly to double up as running leggings because I used to have to wear an armband for my phone!

I didn’t hack in them because our hacking involves a fair amount of holly and brambles which have torn even thick winter jodhpurs so I would mainly use them for schooling and jump training.

Would you recommend them to a friend?

I would definitely recommend these to a friend, in fact, we already have! I’m also eyeing up the grey ones for smart casual training shows and clinics!

My only small niggle was that the navy technical stretch base layer and leggings weren’t an exact colour match! They do, however, still look perfect together!

D:\Videos\A1 Recents\Tom 27 Feb 19\DSC_0347.JPG

Out of 5 how would you rate them?

Ease of use:

I love the zip up pocket and how versatile they are!


The wide waist band is really comfortable and supportive and the leggings are lightweight breathable for all activities.


They are durable and stretchy, thick enough not to tear but skin tight and light.


They are gorgeous! I felt really smart in them so wouldn’t feel out of place at an event but they are also great for training, don’t show up stains and are great for other sports too!

True to size:

I had the extra small and am a 4-6 in jeans and leggings normally and they fitted my like a glove!

The leggings are a great price at only £35 which is great value for money considering how versatile they are and how great they look.

Here’s a video of us training in our Aztec Diamond Equestrian kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHW4T4nM5Yc

Hesteyri Horses
Horsemart Brand Ambassador
Published on 2019-03-11