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Are You Trying To Sell Your Horse?

Has one of your horses just not been selling? Even though there is nothing wrong with him. Whether or not you are experienced or a complete beginner there are always things to learn and improve on to get the best out of your business and your horses.

First of all, you have to be honest, don't say that your horse is doing 3’ courses if they jumped one 3’ fence at the end of a circuit or if they are amatuer friendly when you're unsure. Do not lie! Potential buyers usually end up finding out one way or another and end up backing out of the deal. If they find out everything they need to know before buying they are less likely to cancel the sale last minute.

Next, you need to include absolutely everything in your ad: age, height, sex ect and of course, price! Including the price stops buyers who could potentially be interested from scrolling past your ad. You want to make sure your potential buyers are shopping with ease. Using photos and videos will help implement a sale. If you don't include photos buyers might think that there is something wrong with your horse. Photos also help to prove your claims; if you've said that your horse can jump 3’ courses, provide a video of them doing so! Having videos really helps to speed your sale along and buyers will tend to ask fewer questions, photos and videos are a MUST!

Thirdly, once you've decided what you want on your ad, ADVERTISE EVERYWHERE! Get in your local newspaper, post on websites and even put up posters! If you want your business to grow out of your local area, creating a website is crucial. You can instantly broadcast your horses to major classifieds websites. My personal favourite is spidersnet equine, I can find the right look and feel, and they can broadcast my ads to Horseclicks which is also a reliable site which I always manage to sell quickly from!

Finally be patient. A buyer will come along eventually and love your horse! If you are patient the process will be a lot easier for both you and your buyer, don’t try to rush them either as this may cause them to think that something is wrong.


Written By: Fae Johnson