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The Racehorse Sanctuary
When racehorses retire, they can face an uncertain future. That’s why The Racehorse Sanctuary and Re-homing Centre is dedicated to giving them a safe haven and a second chance of a new life after racing. Thoroughbreds enjoy having a purpose, so for many of these former racehorses we retrain them so they can begin a new life as eventers, show jumpers, happy hackers or dearly loved companions. The majority of ex-racehorses are straightforward to retrain and rehome and make the transition to becoming a riding horse easily. However, some of them need more time and support to adjust to their new lives. The Racehorse Sanctuary is a safe haven for thoroughbred ex-racehorses whatever their condition, physically or mentally. The charity specialises in helping those horses that find the transition from racing into their new lives more difficult. When a horse reaches the end of its racing career, the sanctuary steps in to provide a lifeline. We take each horse through a rehabilitation programme and actively try and re-home the majority of horses in our care. On arrival, the horses undergo a thorough veterinary examination and then are given time to settle in whilst their health and general attitude are assessed by the team. Sick or injured horses are given treatment and time to make a full recovery. We have already re-homed hundreds of horses with some of them going to have very successful competitive careers.
Equi-Trek Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire Trailers)
Lincolnshire Trailers Ltd T/A Equi-Trek Lincolnshire are you local approved dealer for Equi-Trek across Lincolnshire & South Yorkshire. With access to a huge selection of new & used vehicles & trailers in group stock, whatever you're looking for, we're sure to have something to suit. We also have a fully equipped workshop and can repair or service any make of trailer or horsebox to ensure you keep on the road.

Connemara Eventers for Sale

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