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Proving premium bedding can be affordable

Proving premium bedding can be affordable

THE YARD is a value wood pellet animal bedding, designed to provide horse and animal owners with an affordable quality bedding product.

The pellets are made from quality wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Europe. They are made from compressed sawdust that has been dust extracted and dried out to maximise absorbency.

The Yard is a great way to save some money on bedding this winter. The pellets are very absorbent, of a high quality and really easy to use. So it should help reduce mucking out time too. In addition, whilst equestrian is the main market, the bedding can also be used for farm animals, in kennels and catteries all the way through to aviaries, reptile tanks and even for lions and giraffes!

The Yard is supplied in 12.5kg bags - very manageable – at only £4.08 per bag, meaning the price per kilo starts at 33p, which is highly competitive.
You can order The Yard online in half (40 bags) and full (80 bags) pallets delivered to the yard. It can be stored outside as they come in sealed plastic bags.

To find out more about The Yard wood pellet bedding, see www.yardbedding.co.uk, or call 01285 648240.