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Haygain Hay steamer

Haygain Hay steamer

Haygain is the only hay steamer that enables you to feed dust-free palatable hay, helping maintain a healthy respiratory system to enhance performance.

The new Haygain hay steamer is a fully insulated unit with a unique function enabling steam to penetrate the centre of the bale, releasing steam which defuses outwards, ensuring the entire bale is steamed at the critically necessary temperatures [in excess of 100°C throughout.]


Haygain hay steamer is the only scientifically proven hay steamer that ensures the hay is clean by killing all spores.  It is very robust and easy to maintain. The unit is specifically designed to take an entire strung hay bale, but if required can also be used with hay nets or wedges of hay. The steamed hay is ready to feed in approximately 50 minutes and retains its complete nutritional value and goodness. Haygain steamed hay is warm, sweet smelling and palatable. Research indicates it is effective at encouraging fussy eaters.

The revolutionary concept from Haygain hay steamers has been researched, developed and tested at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Led by Dr Moore-Colyer, the research found that hay treated with the Haygain hay steamer destroys all mould and spores present, in effect sterilizing the hay.

Findings prove that one gram of untreated good quality hay will contain around 7,750,000 spore colonies: Haygain reduces that number to virtually 0. 

For further information please contact HAYGAIN hay steamers on (0333) 200 5233 or visit www.haygain.co.uk


Haygain Hay steamer 

Editors Choice

When I saw Haygain at their stand at Windsor I thought “what a great piece of kit but, I could never justify spending that sort of money” HOWEVER, once winter hit and the old baths that I use for soaking 10 hay nets a day came back in use – I had a re-think.  Haygain offered for me to have on eon trial for a few weeks which I know they are quite keen to do if you are interested.  

I have now had the steamer on the yard for two weeks and I do not know how I coped before!  Not only is it worth double the cost but it has had a wonderful effect on the horses too.  I have an old boy on the yard that coughs a bit and always has a slightly runny eye and snotty nose in the mornings – that has all stopped.  My competition horse is looking great and never leaves any hay now which he was before and my youngster just loves the warm soft hay and can’t get enough.

It is totally mobile, easy to use and warm to sit on!  It is now the central point of the yard and where we all fight to sit to have our tea.  

I will update this review in a month to see if there any more changes to the horses but I can assure it has changed my life – now more freezing water and dunking hay and then trying to carry them! 

Great invention well done!  


Jo Metcalfe 

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