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Why Use Stable Mats?

Find out about the advantages of stable rubber matting and how it can boost the health of the horse in this article. Learn all about stable mats by reading this guide.
Why Use Stable Mats?

If you’re looking for ways to boost the long term prospects of your horse when it returns from injury, purchasing stable mats can help nip in the bud any problems the horse may be experiencing returning to full fitness.

Read on to learn how stable mats can boost the health and happiness of your horse in the long term, as well as for information on the importance of buying the right kind of stable matting.

Why Buy a Stable Mat?

•    Stable rubber matting is primarily used by horse owners to speed up the recovery process from injury. Often, the hard concrete floor of a stable can have a significant long term effect on the fitness of the horse and its ability to perform in competition to the best of its ability.

•    Provided they are inserted correctly and offer the right amount of pressure, stable mats can help cut problems such as torn ligament damage, tendonitis and general wear and tear of the joints. The extra level of protection offered by stable mats can curb the occurrence of injury significantly.

•    Similarly, a stable mat can have a positive effect on horses that suffer from arthritis. Read our guide to caring for arthritis in horses by clicking the link.

•    It’s estimated that stable matting can cut the cost of bedding by a half; the most efficient stable mats can cut it by almost two-thirds.

•    And they can also cut down the time it takes to muck out significantly too – any waste will simply collect on the mat and can be swept away with relative ease. It’ll make those early morning alarm calls so much easier to bear.

•    Stable matting can also stop a horse from digging at the floor, keeping the floor level and cutting down the risk of injury. If you want to level off a stable floor, a stable mat can be an inexpensive way of resolving the problem.

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