Washing a Horse Blanket

ArticleHow to - Tack and EquipmentTuesday 23 March 2010
How to Clean Your Blanket

Horse blankets get dirty quite easily and get worn out if not looked after properly. Most horse owners like to keep their horse blanket in good condition, and clean for their horse. For a guide on horse blanket cleaning, see the following.

•    To start, choose a place for horse blanket cleaning where you lay it out fully. Take the attached straps and roll them around themselves until they reach the point that they attach to the horse blanket. Using some duct tape, secure this roll so that it stays together and does not undo itself.

•    Anything removable should be taken off, such as leg straps. These will be cleaned separately.

•    For exceptionally filthy horse blankets, it is probably worth doing some horse blanket cleaning beforehand. Take a brush and some soap and scrub away encrusted dirt.

•    Put one horse blanket in your washing machine at a time. If the horse blanket is made from a light material because it is anti-sweat or a cooler then you will be able to wash a two or three at a time.

•    Turnout blankets should be washed on a normal or heavy cycle in hot water. Lighter sheets are better washed in cold water on a normal cycle.

•    When the cycle has completed horse blanket cleaning, hang the blanket up to dry. Alternatively, use a heavy duty drier.

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