Types of Horse Blankets

ArticleHow to - Tack and EquipmentTuesday 23 March 2010
Horse Blankets

Horse blankets are used to help protect horses from the elements. A horse blanket can make a horse feel comfortable and keep him healthy in certain conditions. There are many types of horse blanket available, and some are made for particular situations. For a guide to different kinds of horse blanket, see the following.

Day Sheets

Horse blankets like this are light, and typically used in milder weather conditions to keep a horse’s coat clean. Normally day sheets are made from acrylic, cotton, or other lightweight fabrics. They do not tend to be waterproof, but can also be used as an extra layer in colder conditions.

Horse Turnout

This style of blanket is used mainly for when the horse is in his pasture. A horse turnout is normally made from tough materials like nylon or polyester as they are designed to be strong and long lasting. The horse turnout protects from the weather a little bit and there are different versions for use in a number of climates.

Anti-Sweat Sheets

Horse blankets like this one are used after a horse has been exercising to cool them down. It is not recommended to put this sheet on the horse in the stall because they are not designed to be too durable.


A horse cooler can be used to keep a horse’s muscles warm after warming up but before main exercise. It can also be useful for after exercise to regulate the horse’s temperature. Made of wool or fleece, a cooler is great for keeping a horse clean.

Horse Fly Sheet

Made of mesh, a horse fly sheet is used principally to protect a horse from irritating insects that like to bite in the summer. A horse fly sheet is very light and will allow skin ventilation whilst keeping bugs such as horse flies and mosquitoes out. In addition to a horse fly sheet, some people may opt to use a fly mask and fly boots for overall coverage.

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