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Sizing and fitting horse rugs

ArticleHow to - Tack and EquipmentWednesday 23 June 2010
Horse rugs are an essential piece of horse equipment as they offer the horse warmth and protection when the animal is outside. It’s important that a horse rug fits correctly in terms of size and is physically fitted to the horse correctly to prevent discomfort.
Imagine if you had to go out in an odd fitting and uncomfortable set of clothes - not very nice is it? I mean, the horse wouldn’t mind too much about its perceived lack of style - or the style of its owner to be more precise - but it would most definitely not enjoy the discomfort that a poorly fitted rug may bring. 
So, we sat down and thought that we should offer you a good guide to making sure that your horse’s rug, or stable rug,  fits properly. Here it is...
How to measure a horse rug
Horse rugs are generally only measured in length as the width of a horse is almost always proportional to its length. Horse rugs must be correctly measure because if it is too big, it will not do the job correctly and could even fall off, tripping the horse, leaving it on the floor in a big, cold naked heap. A horse rug that is too small will restrict the movement of the horse and will be uncomfortable.
To measure your horse up for its rug you should measure from the centre of the horse’s chest, along the body until the end of his quarters. Generally, the sizes for horse rugs increase in 2” increments. You can search for a wide range of different horse rugs and stable rugs for sale on Equine Superstore.
Horse rugs can come in many varieties. Turnout horse rugs are available in different thicknesses depending on the weather in which they are used and are also often waterproof and windproof. Stable rugs are for use in the stables at night and offer extra warmth in the winter months - a bit like big horsey pyjamas. 
Fitting horse rugs
When fitting horse rugs, make sure that your horse is secured and fold the horse rug in half, with the rear half on top of the front half. Approach the horse and place the horse rug over the withers and do up the front buckles to ensure the horse rug doesn’t slip back as you pull the it back.
You can secure the horse rug by doing up the surcingle beneath the belly of your horse. You should always make sure that the rug is nice and level and that you have done up the straps. Different horse rugs can attach in different ways, some have the straps that cross underneath while others simply go straight under. Regardless of which horse rugs or stable rugs you are using, when the straps are done up you should be able to fit your hand between them and the horse.
Equine Superstore stocks a large range of different stable rugs and horse rugs for sale. Alternatively, you could search for horse rugs for sale on Horsemart.
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