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Measuring for the Right Saddle Seat

Saddle Seat Measuring
Measuring for the Right Saddle Seat

Saddles for horses come in many different sizes. In order to ride safely and comfortably, it is necessary to have the correct sized horse saddle for you. If the seat of the saddle is either too large or too small, you could have riding problems. The best way to ensure you have the correct size is to measure a horse saddle. See the following guide to the correct measurements for saddles.

English Saddles

Take the horse saddle and put it on a saddle rack so that the measurement is easier to take. Find the round silver rivet by the front of the horse saddle.

With a tape measure, take the distance from the rivet to the back of the saddle. This length is the seat size. Be sure to take the reading a few times so that you know you have an accurate figure.

Head down to your tack shop and test out the saddles they have in store. Try out several sizes and note down the one that is most comfortable. This will be the size you need.

Measure a Horse Saddle – Western

Place your horse saddle on a rack. Find the swell on the saddle (the part with the horn on top). With a tape measure, take the measurement from the back of the swell to the back of the saddle seat. This is the size of the seat.


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