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How to choose a saddler: Society Of Master Saddlers (SMS) - Essentially Important Influence.

In effect, the SOCIETY OF MASTER SADDLERS is the industry’s watchdog undertaking a wide range of initiatives that benefit horses and riders in this country and, increasingly, in other parts of the world. The SMS’s reputation and influence extends around the globe and it is the leading saddlery-related professional body.

The design and correct fit of the saddle has very considerable influence on the welfare and safety and success of every horse and rider. Thanks to the SMS, owners and riders in this country benefit from the only non-commercially aligned saddle-fitting qualification in the world.

The vast majority of horse owners elect to have their horses’ saddles fitted by an SMS qualified saddle fitter, despite which the riding public remains largely unaware of how much is owed to the SMS.

Furthermore, the UK is generally considered to have the best and most structured training programmes for those wishing to become Qualified Saddlers and/or Qualified Harness-makers.  People from all parts of the globe come to this country to take advantage of our training availability.

In addition, we export ‘expertise’ in the shape of SMS members who undertake work in other countries or who are involved in a variety of initiatives overseas (e.g. - Introductory Saddle Fitting Course in USA, work for World Horse Welfare in various countries, etc).


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