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Are Stable Mats Worth the Initial Cost?

Stable Mats
Are Stable Mats Worth the Initial Cost?

You might have heard about stable matting and want to know some more about the benefits. If this is the case then you will find this article useful as it will give you some information on stable mats and how they can reduce the amount of money you spend on horse bedding.

There are lots of benefits to using stable mats but many people are put off by their initial cost. Below you will find some of the benefits to using stable matting.


Stable Matting – The Benefits

•    If the stable you keep your horse in does not have a solid floor then stable matting will prevent your horse from digging and will help to keep the floor level.
•    The cost of horse bedding can be high but by using stable mats you will decrease the amount of horse bedding you need to use by 80% which will save you money long term.
•    Another excellent thing about stable mats is you can clean them really easily. You only need to do a thorough clean once every month. Sweeping off the bedding, hosing down the mats and letting it dry will prevent odours accumulating.
•    Horses that suffer from arthritis will particularly benefit from the use of stable matting. Rubber stable mats will give your horse some cushioning and decrease the amount of pressure your horse is putting on its legs.
•    Stable matting also stops your horse from standing on a wet floor. Urine can pass through stable mats and dissipate which makes the stable floor much cleaner.
•    You will find that interlocking stable mats cost more than your regular rubber stable mats but they are lighter and often easier to clean.
•    Stable matting is particularly useful to those whose stables have a concrete floor. If your stable has a concrete floor you will know how much bedding you use to keep your horse comfortable. With stable mats you will find your costs go down dramatically.
•    Rubber stable mats will usually last you approximately 7 years before beginning to crack around the edges.
•    Stable matting can also prevent you from having to dig up and re-level your stable floor.

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