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ArticleHow to - Tack and EquipmentThursday 07 October 2010
Side Saddle Riding Today
The side saddle was used for hundreds of year by women. These horse saddles were designed for the woman to ride with both legs on one side of the horse, as it was not considered very ladylike for them to straddle the horse. However, today these saddles for sale are extremely difficult to find, and are used for specific purposes. Find out more about how this horse riding equipment is used in today’s world with this guide.

Modern riders have found use for the side saddle in events such as the horse show ring, parades or re-enactments. Competitions incorporating the sidesaddle include:
Show jumping
It can also be common to see these horse saddles in use on the hunt field for tradition. 

Other than these reasons, side saddles for sale can be bought for health purposes too. For instance, riders with certain disabilities can find using the side saddle much more comfortable than straddling. This is often the case for those who have lost part of one of their legs. Therapeutic riding programmes use this horse riding equipment too.

Today, side saddles are still manufactured. However, they tend to be fairly pricey because they are not in such high demand.
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