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5 Reasons to Use Stable Mats

Stable Matting Benefits
5 Reasons to Use Stable Mats
Stable matting is a piece of horse equipment that is becoming much more popular today as horse owners see the advantages on their horse’s health, as well as on their own time. This top 5 list outlines some of the reasons why horse mats are beneficial…

1. The softness of stable mats provides cushioning and insulation from cold, hard flooring. This makes horses much more comfortable.

2. You do not have to use nearly as much bedding as you would without stable matting. In fact, you could use about 20% of what you normally use, which will save you plenty of money in the long term.

3. Horse mats also save owners lots of time. Less bedding results in much less time spent mucking out.

4. Certain rubber stable mats only need to be cleaned thoroughly a few times a year. 

5. When used with other dust-free bedding, rubber stable mats provide a dust-free environment which improves the air quality and is beneficial to horses with respiratory issues. Stable mats are also helpful for horses that are arthritic or laminitic. Injuries are reduced in the stable too.

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