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Why use Horsemart Online Advertising?


Horsemart users view over 8 million pages each month, spend an average of 12 minutes browsing the site, and over 80% of users return within 28 days!! More than any other equestrian classified!

Horsemart is the Number 1 Equestrian classified, and ranks number 1 in Google for a large number of Equestrian related terms including "horses for sale", searched over 550,000 times a month.

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Online advertising is:

Cost effective: Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available for creating, delivering and executing campaigns

Targetted: On Horsemart you can reach a specific reader based on geography, what they are browsing, and areas of interest.

Measurable: Unlike print advertising, online advertising is transparent. Reporting and analysis on Horsemart allows advertisers to see who is responding to their ads, which ads produce best response, as well as where ads are being seen. This gives business measurable results of return on investment on all promotional activities.

Dynamic: Advertising can be renewed or edited and published in front of a target audience in a matter of seconds!

Fast response: The Horsemart community can access more information, provide feedback and even make a direct purchase at the click of a button. User data, such as emails and purchasing habits can be collected and stored to be used in future promotional activity to produce better targetted campaigns.

Why Online Advertising? Vanity Vs Sanity - Online Vs Print

Magazine Ad - A glossy ad under a known brand that is placed in each issue for a predefined time period. 

Online Ad - You have an online ad which can be targetted at the specific users who are interested in your products and services. You can edit and adapt your ad, change images and text whenever you like to suit any campaigns and promotions you wish to promote.

Costs - Magazine - High costs, for a limited number of issues, with no precise measurable response.

Costs - Online - You spend FROM ONLY £15 A WEEK, for online advertising which can be targetted180,000 potential customers a week! You can receive precise measurable results on a regular basis, allowing close monitoring of return on investment.

Potential Readership - Magazine - Your magazine may be picked up by two or three readers, who flick through the magazine and read the articles that interest them, perhaps coming across your ad once, before disposing of the magazine until awaiting the next issue.

Potential Readership - Online - Your ad will appear across a specific category dictated by you. This category will be constantly updated with new content, whether it be private advertising, news, advice, videos etc, giiving the user reason to come back again and again to the page, with your ad displayed in front of them. 

Social media - Magazine - Your ad in print may be seen by a friend or family member who picks up a copy of the magazine.

Social Media - Online - With the integration of social media such as facebook "like" buttons and twitter share buttons, at the click of a mouse, your ad could be shared with hundreds of the users riding friends on social networks across the globe. 


If you are interested in any other online display packages, such as:

  • Horse/Horsebox dealers packages
  • Stock listings
  • Newsletters
  • Spotlight Ads (side displaying ads)
  • Banner ads

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