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NewsHorse Welfare News10-06-2015
 WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!   A horrendous video of a horse being tragically beaten to the ground has gone viral, no horse or any other animal should be treated like this.   We insist that there is no reason for hurting your horse or pony and cruel methods like this need to be stopped from being put into practice by these people.   The video of an...

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NewsHorse Welfare News03-10-2014
Mr David Bickell, 45, of Burnham Road, North Creake, and Mr William Bickell, 17, of the same address, were sentenced today (Thursday 2nd October) at King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to a number of offences under the Animal Welfare Act after sixteen equines, three cattle, 18 pigs and two dogs were found at a number of sites in North Norfolk between December 2013 a...

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NewsHorse Welfare News27-11-2013
Sammi Gros has invented a new type of LED “Tail Lights.” They are not your usual LED tail lights for automotive applications, but six LED double sided strands clipped to horse tails. According to Kickstarter’s product introduction, Gros decided to launch safety lights for equestrian lovers after being hit by a car during a riding trip with a friend four years ago. Th...

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NewsHorse Welfare News28-05-2012
The owner of a seven-year-old horse that died in a horrific road accident has called for road users to be more aware of horses and their riders.   Ruby, a seven-year-old mare, had to be put down at the scene after the incident at Bignall End, near Newcastle in Staffordshire, on the evening of Monday 21 May 2012.   Ruby reportedly suffered extensive injuries...

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NewsHorse Welfare News11-04-2012
Shayne, a liver chestnut Gelding, is thought to be the world’s oldest horse at the grand old age of 51-years-old. Shayne lives at the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex, and has done so since 2007. Previously, Shayne was kept in a private home for many years. Although it is thought that Shayne is 51, his carers at the Remus Sanctuary can only gauge his age from what...

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NewsHorse Welfare News15-02-2012
Horse charity World Horse Welfare has said it is hearing about more and more cases where horses loaned or given away have been sold on or even slaughtered.   World Horse Welfare say they have been contacted by people who have loaned their horses to people they trusted, which have then been sold on for slaughter.    The horse charity says one such person is Jemma D...

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NewsHorse Welfare News18-06-2009
12 June 2009: Buckinghamshire horse dealer James Gray and his family were today sentenced at Bicester Magistrates Court, after being found guilty of charges of animal cruelty on 8 May. James were given the following sentence: ·         A 24 week prison sentence ·         A lifetime ban banned ...

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NewsHorse Welfare News05-05-2009
The Blue Cross animal charity today warned of the dangers of equine obesity as it revealed that 40% of all horses and ponies taken in by its equine centres last year were overweight - an increase of 5% on the previous year.   Richard Stephenson MRCVS, equine vet at Pool House Veterinary Group, regularly treats overweight and obese horses and fears that Britain will soon be facing a...

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