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Like most of the equine community, recent stories of equine abuse and neglect have left the Horsemart team truly shocked that horses in the UK are being subjected to such unacceptable treatment. It concerns us that people that have committed to owning horses are mistreating or discarding them. Because of this, in 2015 Horsemart pledged to help support horse rescues and charities and have s...

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Polework is important in order to cultivate self-control, balance, focus, suppleness, elasticity, coordination and strength in both the horse and the rider. The stimulus of the pole helps the horse/rider combination to readdress the basics, ensuring all scales of training are followed to a high standard. The uses for polework are endless; it is prevalent when working horses on the flat, wh...

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NewsBloggers Corner07-03-2016
There has recently been an article in the press regarding the use of crank nosebands and whether they should be banned in competition by the FEI. Crank nosebands are very controversial as they are designed to be worn tighter than a normal cavesson noseband. This is possible, as rather than just being done up normally, a crank runs through a buckle and back on itself, acting as leverage. ...

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An article from our freinds at Sussex Horse Rescue Trust Sussex Horse Rescue came into existence in 1964 dedicated to providing sanctuary for equines that have suffered neglect, horrendous  cruelty or are simply unwanted.  Initially the rescue centre was set up using borrowed grazing but the need was so great it soon began to outgrow the acreage available and new premises were ...

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In 2015, The British Equestrian Trade Association estimated there were 944,000 horses within the United Kingdom, of which the majority of these horses will be ridden at some point within their lives. As a result, every year thousands of horses within the UK undergo their journey to a fulfill a ridden career. Some people will opt to undertake the backing process themselves, whereas others will c...

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  Phez the chicken and George, an ex-racing horse, have found a stable companion in one another, and are now inseparable, from sleeping to riding together.   The chicken first entered Homefield Racing Stables roughly a year after she was found by the stable owners in a disheveled state, wandering down the driveway.   Lynn Winks, the owner said that at first sh...

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NewsBloggers Corner11-02-2016
Have you ever thought that your horse drifts to one side? Is ignoring signals? Or has an uneven muscle build no matter how evenly you feel you work them? Then think of this, instead of looking purely at the horse, have you ever sat back and considered your impact when riding. This is where rider symmetry is of great significance. The concept of rider symmetry has been largely ignored over the y...

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According to research, horse are able to recognise human emotion by analyzing positive and negative facial expressions.   Image sourced:   Scientists at the University of Sussex found that horses responded negatively to angry facial expressions in an investigation made ...

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Fears are rising as more cases of horse neglect are reported at an alarming rate. There have been so many incidents in the past year that the RSPCA have been forced to euthanize a number of healthy horses as the number of animals able to be rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed has reached breaking point.     On Saturday 23rd a neglected horse was found collapsed having ...

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A lover of horses was left distressed after discovering a young, deceased horse was dumped by the side of a road near her home. She is now trying to identify who is officially able and responsible for removing the body.   Susan King from Leicester and her neighbour who shares the same driveway where the horse was discarded had to move the dead horse so that they could reach their h...

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