VIDEO: Llamrei the horse helps muck out his stables with a broom between his teeth

NewsGeneral Equestrian NewsWednesday 07 March 2012
A royal horse named Llamrei has been filmed helping muck out his stables with a broom between his teeth.
Llamrei, a Household Cavalry gelding otherwise known as Sausage, will take part in the public parades to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics with his rider, Captain Alex Owen.
As reported by the Cornish Guardian, Llamrei has taken to grabbing a broom between his teeth and having a go at sweeping away straw (see the video below).
Llamrei has also apparently had a go at grooming other horses after the troopers gave him a brush and watched him rub it up and down the backs of some of the other horses.
The video of Llamrei ‘sweeping’ below has so far clocked up over 110,000 views on You Tube.

For the full story, visit the
Cornish Guardian website.

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