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Saturday 31st July – Sunday 1st August

Class 35:  Lead Rein (Under 133cms)


Champion      Imogen Holmes                                 Cnapaton Razzmatazz         East Yorkshire

Reserve          Ellie Smith                                          Marble Arch                           Cambridgeshire


Class 36:  First Ridden (Under 133cms)


Champion      Betsy Hodgkinson                             Barnell Adonis                       Nottinghamshire

Reserve          Lucy York                                           Rillaton Trade Fair                Sheffield


Class 37:  Ridden Part Bred Horse or Pony (Part Bred Welsh or Part Bred Arab)


Champion      Shannon Mulhern                              Eskdale Merchant of Venice  Hertfordshire

Reserve          Chloe Taylor                                      Cumberworth Jedi Knight        Buckinghamshire


Class 38:  Ridden M&M Small Breeds (Exmoor, Shetland, Dartmoor & Welsh Section A & B)


Champion      Stephanie Nash                                Lacy Baney                            Cheshire

Reserve          Betsy Hodgkinson                             Barnell Adonis                       Nottinghamshire


Class 39:  Ridden Show Riding Type (Not Exceeding 148cms)


Champion      Chloe Taylor                                      Cumberworth Jedi Knight    Buckinghamshire

Reserve          Eleaner Warner Jones                     Brwynen Elvira Madigan      West Yorkshire


Class 40:  Ridden Coloured Horse or Pony (Traditional)


Champion      Sarah Mackenzie                              Solo                                        Cumbria

Reserve          Robyn Gray                                        Danny Murphy                        Cumbria


Class 41:  Ridden Trailblazers Style & Performance (Under 148cms)


Champion      Nichola Binch                                    Laughing Rosswidden          Nottingham

Reserve          Saska Ingham                                   Aylton Paddy                         Herefordshire






Class 42:  Ridden M&M Large Breeds (Connemara, Dales, Highland, Fell, New Forest, Welsh

                  Section C & D) 


Champion      Karen Johnson                                  Llanidan Hennin                    Manchester

Reserve          Ellen Jones                                        Springarth Storm                   Cumbria


Class 43:  Ridden Cob


Champion      Shirley Park                                       Lauries Blue Diamond         Lancashire

Reserve          Andrea Warden                                 Just Harvey Morrow              Essex


Class 44:  Ridden Show Hunter (Exceeding 148cms)                    


Champion      Lucy Bracey                                       Goodwill Hunting                   Bristol

Reserve          Pat Armfield                                       Mebs Mab Max                     Merseyside


Class 45:  Ridden Show Horse (Exceeding 148cms)                      


Champion      Miranda Wallace                               Norhern Guest                       North Yorkshire

Reserve          Olivia Harris                                       Bailey                                     Middlesex


Class 46:  Ridden Coloured Horse or Pony (Non-Traditional)                 


Champion      Liz Attwood                                        India Cha-Blue                       South Yorkshire

Reserve          Helen Lee                                          Bucky O'Hare                        Cleveland


Class 47:  Ridden Veteran Class (16 Years or Over)                       


Champion      Sarah Proctor                                    MoonRiver                            Cheshire

Reserve          Helen Lee                                          Bucky O'Hare                        Cleveland


Class 48:  Ridden Trailblazers Style & Performance (Over 148cms)                  


Champion      Georgie Haston                                 Café au Lait                           Lancashire

Reserve          Vicki Hargreaves                              Conrhenny Isabella               Isle of Man


Class 49:  Ridden Sports Horse                       


Champion      Vicki Hargreaves                              Conrhenny Isabella               Isle of Man

Reserve          Karen McDonogh                              Benjamin V                            West Yorkshire


Class 50:  Ridden Thoroughbred (Incorporating Ex-Racehorses)                     


Champion      Amanda Docherty                             Commanche Kate                 Buckinghamshire

Reserve          Louise Marden                                  Double Brandy                      Worcester


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