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'The View from C'

Sue Carson explains how to improve your dressage scores
'The View from C'
Knowing what the judge is looking for when you ride down the centre line at the start of a dressage test is the key to a good score, as presenting your correctly trained horse well can improve a mediocre mark to a good one and maybe even a WOW one!
For the dressage judge, ‘The View from C’ allows five minutes to assess the horse, his athleticism, stage of training and willingness to work with the rider in performing the requirements of the test being ridden. Just what the judge is looking for and how the marks are awarded is the subject of two evening demonstrations presented by Sue Carson, List 2a judge, trainer and founder of the highly successful Sue Carson Saddles. The first is at Barleyfields EC on Saturday April 14th and the second at Catterick Garrison Saddle Club on Saturday, April 28th.
Sue will work with riders and their horses or ponies from preliminary to elementary level, explaining clearly what the judge is looking for in the different movements from a number of tests. By judging ‘out loud’ and then discussing the marks for the individual movements and the collectives, along with her comments and the reasons for them, she will give a clear insight into what often goes wrong and how you can improve your scores.
These interactive evenings, presented in conjunction with British Dressage Northern Region, will be of particular interest to riders thinking of moving up to affiliated competition this year, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There will also be the chance to see and discuss saddles from the Sue Carson Saddles range, including the newly launched, much-discussed, Grand Prix Special.
Take part
In addition, there is a fabulous opportunity to take part in the evenings as one of the guinea pig riders and it could be you! If you and your horse would like to benefit from a one-to-one session with Sue, visit the Sue Carson Saddles website at www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk and complete the simple online contact form saying what you would like to work on and what your competitive goals are this season. Shortlisted riders will be contacted for more information.
To find out more about the range of Sue Carson Saddles, contact 01629 540343 or visit www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk

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