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See how cool the new Easidri High Performance Cooling Coat really is

Posted by Rhea Freeman
See how cool the new Easidri High Performance Cooling Coat really is

Easidri has recently worked with Veterinary Thermal Imaging (VTI) to create a video showing how cool the Easidri High Performance Cooling Coat is, using a state of the art Infrared camera. The release of the video follows an exceptional Crufts for Easidri, including coverage on More4 and a video filmed at the show, featuring Easidri and VTI, which is now on the Crufts YouTube Channel. 

The High Performance Cooling Coat is made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), which produces a synthetic sponge with an interconnected porous structure. The sponge created is hydrophilic, which means that it’s very absorbent, but it holds on to the moisture, retaining it, so the dog’s coat doesn’t get wet. The cooling happens when water starts to evaporate away from the coat, a process that starts as soon as the coat is applied, but happens at a steady rate to deliver prolonged cooling. This is great for dogs that get hot through exercise, or during the warmer month. 
“We know how effective our Cooling Coat is,” says Martin Balmer from Easidri, “and when people come and see us at any of the events we attend, we demonstrate this to them, on their own dog if possible, and they are always surprised by how quickly the coat acts, and how cool it is. However, we wanted to find a way to illustrate this to people at home, and when we were introduced to VTI, we knew we had found an effective, accurate way of illustrating the product.” 
VTI is the UK’s largest all special thermal imaging service. The applications of thermal imaging are vast; it can be used as a diagnostic tool, to help monitor an injury, for general management, saddle fitting and so much more, it can also be used very effectively to demonstrate a number of products. 
“Our Infrared cameras visually illustrate the heat patterns an animal or product is producing,” says Helen Morrell from Veterinary Thermal Imaging. “They are around 40 times more sensitive than the human hand, and can detect minor temperature differences, which is ideal for the work we do with animals, where minor temperature changes can show an area of increased or decreased circulation. 
“With the High Performance Cooling Coat, we carried out an experiment, using controlled conditions to create accurate results. We carried out two tests, one to show a dog naturally cooling after exercise, and one to show the dog cooling after exercise, wearing the coat. The results were fascinating and very conclusive. The spot temperature readings taken during the test showed the dog’s surface temperature at minute intervals, which showed how quickly the coat started to work, and how well it worked.” 
The video is available to view on YouTube or on the Easidri website www.easidri.com. For more information on Easidri, see www.easidri.com, or email [email protected] For more information on Veterinary Thermal Imaging, see www.veterinary-thermal-imaging.com, email [email protected], or call 0800 4083891.
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