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Team GB Olympic kits revealed

Team GB Olympic kits revealed

Team GB yesterday revealed their kit in the build up to the London 2012 Olympics. 

There are a number of different kits, which vary for each sport, but they have all been designed to bring the athletes under one look and feel. 

The leading designer, Stella McCartney, has collaborated with Adidas and attempted to mix style with performance, and it seems they have been successful. 

The kits have been met with mixed reactions with some people complaining that they contained too much blue and not enough red, however, for the most part, they do look good. 

The launch of the new kit took place yesterday at the Tower of London where the athletes were modelling the new gear. 

The new design has an unusual take on the British flag using paler blues rather than red, which is an attempt to differentiate Team GB from other nations who have the same predominant colours in their flags. 

Speaking to the BBC, McCartney said: "I wanted to start with the union flag, but I'm really aware the reds, whites and blues are in other nations' flags and sometimes you can feel quite confused when you are watching the Games... is that American, is that French?

"I wanted to make it slightly more delicate and have more texture.

"It's very recognisable still, I've represented all the parts of Great Britain. There's a lot of red in there, but in a non-traditional way."

To see the kits in full
follow this link to the BBC.

It is still yet to be seen as to what the equine team will be wearing at the Olympics but watch this space...

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