British Horse Society attends RSPCA status dogs summit

NewsHorse Welfare NewsMonday 06 December 2010
British Horse Society representatives attended this week’s RSPCA summit on status dogs, to highlight that dangerous dogs are not just an inner city problem, but can also be prevalent in rural and peri urban areas, affecting equestrians and their horses and ponies.
BHS Director of Access, Safety and Welfare, Mark Weston and Sheila Hardy, Senior Executive (Safety), joined officers from local authorities, Association of Chief Police Officers, Defra and animal welfare charities to discuss the problems posed by dangerous dogs to horses and ponies.
Mark said: “The Society receives increasing reports of dog attacks. It is important that we work with the relevant authorities to tackle this problem. I would ask that any equestrian who is unfortunate enough to suffer such an incident reports it on our new website”
Sheila added: “The consequences of these attacks can be particularly nasty, with serious injuries being caused to riders and horses.”
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