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Americans Told to Prepare Horses for Imminent Hurricane Earl

US horse owners advised on keeping horses safe in the hurricane
Americans Told to Prepare Horses for Imminent Hurricane Earl
Experts at a US University say that horse owners should ready themselves in advance for evacuation and other recommended tasks related to hurricane preparedness. This comes as the East Coast of the USA readies itself for Hurricane Earl, due to hit today.
Louisiana State University's School of Veterinary Medicine advises that all horses should be up-to-date with vaccinations for tetanus and the encephalitis viruses (Eastern, Western, and West Nile), and that horse should have two forms of identification. They should have permanent identification such as a microchip, tattoo or brand, and a luggage-type tag secured to the tail and halter. Owners are also advised that their name, address and phone numbers, including a contact out of state, should be written on the tags. The record for the microchip number should be stored in an accessible location, with a copy given to a family member of friend in a distance location.
Other advice given includes a recommendation for owners of horses to plan to evacuate in the event of a storm, and have a destination and route pre-determined in advance. They should also have a waterproof emergency animal care kit prepared.

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