Training Friesian Horses

ArticleHow to - horse trainingWednesday 01 September 2010
If you’re thinking of buying Friesian horses for sale, you should find this guide to Friesian horses an interesting read. Learn more about the characteristics of the Friesian horse in this article.

The Friesian horse breed has a long history as a hugely important animal in the world of agriculture, a reliable choice for agricultural workers due to its high levels of intelligence and lightness and agility in terms of its movement.

Today, Friesian horses are sought after for competitors in the world of dressage and harness work. With a little work, horses from this particular breed are fairly easy to train and will respond to instruction fairly quickly – provided training is carried out in the correct manner.

Training a Friesian Horse: Essential Information

1.    First of all, any trainer of Friesian horses needs to be aware that individual horses tend to be extremely sensitive, and enjoy nothing more than to please their owner. That’s why it’s important to reward these horses wherever possible and to take plenty of care when it comes to ensuring your horse interprets your instructions correctly.

  Clarity will always be the key when it comes to instructing Friesian horses. If you’re not exhibiting confidence in your own instructions, the horse will struggle to gain the confidence required to pick up successful training techniques. Concentration will be a big factor in determining how quickly your Friesian horse will advance in terms of training – therefore spend plenty of time planning your riding session to ensure your horse benefits from effective instruction.

3.    It’s vital to bear in mind that although Friesian horses are generally intelligent and understanding in nature, the early stages of training can often be challenging. Friesians can be fairly slow to react to some instructions, so persistence and patience will be all important – and rewarded, as in the long run, opting to buy a Friesian for sale will be a shrewd investment as these horses are extremely hard working in nature.

   Successful verbal commands could be the difference between mediocre training sessions and real breakthrough moments. Make sure your horse realises the significance of commands such as ‘back’, ‘whoa’ and ‘canter’. You needn’t use standard commands, but whatever method you choose, it’s advisable to be consistent in your use of commands to allow your horse to familiarise itself with your instructions.

.    Finally, anybody training Friesian horses should put plenty of time aside to concentrate on building up fitness. Anybody looking for a Friesian for sale will be acquiring an extremely powerful breed of horse, so it’s essential to focus on regular fitness session, as without them, a Friesian horse can succumb to injury fairly easily.

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