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Training a Horse to Be Around Dogs

Horse and Dogs
Training a Horse to Be Around Dogs

Training a horse will always need a level of understanding from the owner. This is no different when you train a horse to be around dogs. Having your horse and dogs around each other comfortably may or may not be troublesome. Even though horses are so large in comparison, it is not uncommon for them to be afraid of smaller creatures. That is why you should train a horse to be around dogs properly before you can expect their relationship to be harmonious. For more tips on how to train a horse to be around dogs, see below.

You Will Need:

•    Dog collar and lead
•    A friend
•    Halter
•    Lead rope
•    Round pen

Meeting Ground

Your horse and dogs should meet in a neutral area. This means introducing the animals in a space that the animal does not feel is its own territory. Starting in a place that encourages territorialism will not make things simple at all. A good place to do this is in the round pen where you normally train a horse. You horse will understand that horse training is about to take place.


When training a horse and dogs, they should be restrained. Keep your horse held with a lead rope or lunge line. Keep the dog on its lead and collar. Using a friend will help with the horse and dogs, as one of you can be with each animal.


When the animals see each other pet them both at the same time. This will help make the atmosphere pleasant, and will make horse training much easier.

Bring the two animals together so there is some space between them. They can smell one another first. Slowly bring them further together. If the horse backs off then let him, but then bring him back calmly.

Hopefully by now the two animals will be exploring each other. If one acts up, or shows aggressive behaviour, take action in disciplining them right away.

Take the dog either side of the horse, but be wary of the hooves in case the horse decides to be hostile. When you train a horse in this way make sure he is not agitated.  Keep trying until both animals are comfortable together.

Some dogs such as labradors, spaniels and Golden retrievers are better than others around horses; you can search for puppies for sale on Dogs and Puppies.co.uk


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