Saddle Training a Horse

ArticleHow to - horse trainingWednesday 21 April 2010
Saddle Train a Horse

Saddle training a horse is one of the most important parts of horse training. Having your horse comfortable with a horse saddle ensures riding for you both will be much more comfortable and safer. See the following tips on saddle training a horse.

•    Start this horse training by placing the saddle and pad in a fenced area, such as a round pen. Halter the horse and attach your lead rope. Bring your horse over to the saddle and the pad so that he can examine them. He will need to smell them in order to first become familiar.

•    Gently pick the pad up after he has had some time to get to know it. Let the horse keep seeing it as you move it. Touch the horse saddle pad on the neck of the horse slowly, being sure not to alert him with sudden movements. Keep going until the horse accepts the pad to be rubbed all over his body. Finally, leave it in its place upon the horse’s back. Make sure the horse is totally comfortable with this before moving on to the next stage of horse training.

•    You will then need to introduce the actual horse saddle. Do this in the same way as you did with the pad. Then slowly allow the horse saddle to rest on the pad. The horse may want to turn his head to see what is going on. Let this happen.

•    If the horse seems to be calm and confident, you can begin to fasten the girth. Do this slowly, a bit at a time. When you are satisfied that this has been tightened sufficiently, stroke and pat the horse, talking encouragingly to him.

•    Finish saddle training a horse by unhooking the rope and halter from each other. Then move away slowly to let the horse freely move with the horse saddle in place.

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