How to Unload a Horse from a Horse Trailer

ArticleHow to - horse trainingWednesday 01 September 2010
Horse Trailer Unloading Tips
When buying horse trailers for sale, you will need to figure out the loading and unloading aspects of them. Getting a horse out of the horse trailer is often more difficult than getting him in there in the first place. Horse trailers can cause our equine friends to be a little bit anxious because they are not too fond of backing up on ramps or steps where they can’t see what’s going on. This guide will help you to negotiate this horse equipment so that you have no problems getting your horse out of the trailer.

First, park up your horse trailer and ensure there is lots of room around it for easy unloading. Anything or anyone that is in the way can cause issues that are easily avoided.

Clip a lead rope to the halter horse equipment and have somebody else holding it before you open the back up. Get to the horse in the back of the horse trailer and leave the trailer tie in its place.

Now, walk into horse trailers very quietly and slowly. Reassure the horse with a gentle pat.

Tell the friend with the lead rope to unclip the trailer tie and pull the lead rope through the trailer slats. Face the rear of the horse.

Standing about a foot away from the shoulder of the horse, give the horse a very gentle nudge with the lead rope so that he begins to back up.

Walk him out of the horse trailer backwards, whilst holding onto the lead rope firmly yet with a bit of give. 

You should now have successfully unloaded the horse using all the necessary horse equipment

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