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How to Train Your Horse for Roping

Training Your Horse to Rope
How to Train Your Horse for Roping

If you train a horse for roping it could be just the thing to make riding exciting for your horse and you. A new challenge when you train a horse is always good for stimulating the horse. Roping is still quite prevalent in parts of America. When you train a horse to rope it eases the animal’s boredom which is very important. For tips on how to train a horse for roping, see below.

Training a Horse – The Basics

Before you begin to train a horse on something as advanced as roping, you will need to make sure that he is up to the challenge. Your horse training should have made the horse an expert at walking, trotting and cantering. Without these basics you cannot continue. He should also be able to back up with the use of leg cues only.

Train a Horse – The Rope

Familiarise your horse with the rope firstly. Make sure you have it on you when you work with him or during your horse training sessions. Let the rope swing around with you while you are leading the horse. This will show him that this object is not harmful and is perfectly normal.

Horse Training Dummy

The next step to train a horse to rope is to get a roping dummy (a practicing tool shaped like a calf’s head). Buy this at your tack shop and stick it into a hay bale. After saddling and bridling the horse, mount him and hold the rope. Go towards the dummy and catch it with the rope. Once you have done this, back the horse up right away.

Do this until there is no slack in the rope, and then get off the horse. Walk slowly beside the horse towards the target. If the horse starts moving go back and calm him down. Then try again. Keep this horse training up until you are satisfied.


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